THIS IS NOT A JOKE… Today I’m testing out a COLOR CHANGING, HEAT-ACTIVATED highlighter!!! This crazy highlighter by Pop Luxe immediately caught my attention when I saw some videos going around, so today I’m giving this glow a go! Do you think it’ll be any good? Keep on watching!

  • POP Luxe “Black Ice” Highlighter is available » here

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.



  2. What tiny crevice would you find that dust in mr greys room? Maybe somewhere it glow when warm?? 😉

  3. i love this and i am very interested by it @giuliapiccirillii

  4. I love the highlighter: it gives a perfect glowing look. I love all of your videos. Insta: niki_am_i_hi

  5. I love your videos so much ❤️ and when u do try one and stuff like that you rly give your true TRUE opinion … LOVE YOU ig~ _.miahhhhh

  6. Omg this is definitely not a gimmick this is makeup magic btw love you Nikki

  7. I think this product is per magic! I’m not gonna lie, I thought this wasn’t going to work, but this is amazing!! The highlight looks fabulous and all I can say is I think I’m in love.
    @kp_konverse on instagram.

  8. This looks so gorgeous on your skin! I'm stunned.
    IG: lenibug777

    Also it looks beautiful on the skin and I think this color would look awesome on my skin complexion :3
    my instagram is @murasiamakeup

  10. Very cool. You should do a ck up on snap while walking the munchkins and poof if it actually does not turn grey jjj @valkyrie236

  11. This is incredible. My sister would flip. My Twitter handle is jesseingb.

  12. It's so weird! But it's stunning, gorgeous and almost magical like we shouldn't have this product on earth but yet we do! My insta is @hanlovescakes

  13. I need this highlighter ? my jaw hit the ground

  14. I'M SHOOK. I just loved this highlighter, is so beautiful and it's PURE MAGIC. Gives you the glam glow, that's all we need it. ♥️♥️♥️ I love your videos Nikkie, thank you so much for always giving us the best reviews. YOU'RE THE BEST. Ps: My insta is @suicidderx.

  15. Your makeup is so pretty, I'm sooo surprised about the fact that this highlighter truly works! Now, I want it lolllll ? IG: abnormal.kid

  16. My beautiful Nadi getting the recognition he deserves ❤️

  17. Its cool and nice 0416artist Instagram

  18. THIS IS MIND BLOWING!!! Instagram: @amandavgomez

  19. You should make a video on how you clean your brushes! ??

  20. 1224rocio on twitter and instagram

  21. I Love ? Nadi! But I was afraid of this gray highlighter! But the glow is Beautiful and my favorite kind of glow! It melds with your skin beautifully and thank you for reviewing it! I’m sure he didn’t have to make it gray, but if it works what’s the harm in having a little Fun!
    My instagram is @tmac54634

  22. It's like magic!!! I love it. Instagram @abbywalsdorf

  23. This highlighter looks so cool! They should bring out highlighters in other colors other than grey–what if they did a red, white, and blue one for American Independence Day and a reddish pink for Valentines Day?? @ciyradyl (instagram)

  24. “Let me just zoom you in here and we can get started”
    zooms in a billionth of an inch

  25. My Insta is= @_kristen.mccabe_ This highlighter is so cool? I guess the reason it stays white and frosty on the skin is because of body heat?xx

  26. Weird af but I love !!!!!! Insta :Xoxo.dayaanaa

  27. Soooo this is weird but I had a dream you were stalking me. Probably because I’m stalking you. ? my insta is @CherYourGlam and I think this looks amazing!!

  28. I am so pleased this wasn't a gimmick! And made all the better by the Shane reference ??

    IG: leauxgan___ (3 underscores)
    Twitter: @lohweez


  29. instagram kassandramorales

  30. I love when you pull out the ice cream ??
    Insta: mmino_

  31. Your face looks so pretty you are so good at makeup and that highlighter is so pretty on you❣️ Instagram: ella_chang_rocks

  32. I think that this is way cool and innovative. And, like you said, I like how it's not a crazy highlighter. Is nice and glowy (:
    instagram (@kendvllmvrie)

  33. I love you and I love makeup so this would be bomb for my broke ass since I got no money to get a better and new highlighter! Instagram: sorry_bout_it__

  34. Omg it's sooooo pretttyyyy literally the best thing to wear when you don't want to wear a lot of makeup-ish? my insta is @tri.30.04

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