Color Pencil Watercolor Nail Art

If you have Color Pencils – or as we say in Canada – ‘Pencil Crayons’, you can create really cute Watercolor Nails. Suzie has fun hand painting a few different designs.

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  1. Suzie, how and where do u get all your ideas? Cause I highly doubt the average tech or person in general would think of this technique! LOVE IT!!!

  2. That strumming guitar background music reminds me of animal crossing! Its very relaxing ?

  3. Suzie, are you at all related to the actress Kirstie Alley? Cause it blows my mind how you 2 look so much alike!

  4. The pencils look like so much fun!! ? Love the design you did, thanks for sharing!

  5. So great Suzie- like Bob Ross but for your nails! As Jenna would say… get it gurrrrl!!

  6. Love all your videos, even though I don't do nail.

  7. it is so beautiful and amazing

  8. Hey Suzie, when will you restock your acrylic starter kit? I soooo want to buy it Q.Q

  9. When you have that exact container of water colored pencils… it's a sign??

  10. This is so cool I never would of thought to use colored pencils! Now if only I was good at free hand lol

  11. can use colored pencils that are not crayon colored pencils

  12. She should start an ASMR channel doing her nails xD

  13. Almost looks like pressed flowers! Very pretty!!

  14. You can also take the color straight from the pencil tip tor a darker color shade. I use watercolor pencils in my art 🙂

  15. +Simply Nailogical should try this

  16. Your voice is so calming. Very nice video.

  17. Love your tutorials! I have a question for you…..I've seen you using the Kapiarsky Dipping system, how does it compare toSNS? or have you not try ?

  18. She really should be more clear. "Any old colored pencil" doesn't work. Use a watercolor pencil.

  19. I absolutely love your videos Suzie <3 BTW does anyone know what is the background music at 11:30 🙂

  20. another use for my watercolour pencils. Thanks Suzie for the idea and tutorial ❤❤❤

  21. Suzie I love your vids you do such great work. But I think you should try doing the camera mans nails! That would be hilarious?

  22. I love love love this design! This would even be great for a spring wedding ???

  23. So pretty! And omg I just ordered #205 from enail couture (and waaaay too many other things lol) and I can't wait to get it! It looks beautiful on you. I have to thank you again for introducing me to that company, I seriously adore their products. ?

    Also I think it's hilarious when you're so honest about how you feel…like how you hated on that yellow flower lol! I think your flowers all turned out great!

  24. you are the best love all your videos :)))))

  25. Try dipping the pencils in the water and draw directly on the nails to see if you get a darker result in the areas you want bolder color.
    Beautiful job!

  26. they look like pressed flowers. really pretty

  27. Do a little droplet of watercolor and then blow it across the nail. Varying colors and crossing each other. Ya know ya know.

  28. Hi! I'm not a professional nail tech, I'm just a super nail enthusiast who has done a lot of self education on the subject of nails and I did study cosmetology so I have a basis on nails. However, because of this, take everything I say with a grain of salt. But here are some things I've learned:

    1. Watering down acrylic paint or watercolor paint should have the same effect. It doesn't have to be pencils like she's using.

    2. If you put too much watered down paint on your nails, using a clean brush can help suck it up. But do it quick cause leaving it on too long will leave a stained effect on the edges of where the water drop was. (Unless you wanna go for that look.)

    3. When using regular nail polish, use a matte top coat! The paint will be easier to control on the matte surface than the sleek, shiny surface of regular polish/shiny top coat.

    4. Like Susie did, once you're done, make sure to top coat. If you like the matte look instead, use a matte top coat but still, don't forget to top coat! Otherwise the design will just wash off once you wash your hands and you'll lose all your hard work.

    5. But on that note, if you do mess up a design, you can just use water to wash it off and start over rather than removing the whole nail polish and starting with a clean nail.

  29. Reference photos would have helped imo. It looks great though, I'll have to try it

  30. do an all acrylic design with no polish please!!!

  31. What is the instrumental song that plays at 5:55 ? It's in a lot of her videos but I can't seem to find it !!

  32. I feel like just regular water color would of worked even better. And more like the tubed water colors.

  33. Can I use normal watercolor?

  34. Suzie I have watched your videos from the get-go and love them all but I really am disappointed that you promote "Exclusive Nail Couture" products. Perhaps things are great when you order because you promote their company but for the rest of us--good luck. You never EVER get a response when you have issues and I have had to actually pay postage on my items in addition to the shipping charge because they mark the weight incorrectly. I've waited 1.5 months for my items to come. no apologies, nothing. I've messaged them through their site and via their facebook- no response ever. I know it's not your fault but reviews online and mine don't lie. They are a terrible company for us regular folks.

  35. Suzie is it bad to have your nails done all the time, like don't you ever need to give your nails a break? Doesn't the real nail get damaged from all the acrylic?

  36. I love them!!!! Beautiful!

  37. Ooh Suzy! That's so pretty! Have you  thought about using your calligraphy pens for this technique?

  38. Does anyone know if it'd work to just kinda shave off part of the watercolor pencil and mix it with a little water? I feel like if you could put it in containers it might keep… love the video btw❤️

  39. If you can't get your hands on watercolour pencils, you can trying scribbling with a marker on a slick surface (like a piece of plastic) and use those. Don't use permanent markers though.

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