Colorful Coachella/Festival Makeup | LOVEEMANDA


  1. omg i am so obsessed with this look! New sub 🙂

  2. hey girl your my fav♡ i love you!!××××× what camera do u use to film your videos xox

  3. what camera do you use babe! its such good quality!
    also loved this makeup look

  4. Absolutely love this look!! So glowy and the bright eyes are so stunning!

  5. wow that foundation really does have a nice coverage!

  6. where can i get those highlights you use for you're inner corner ?i guess it's like a highlight book ??

  7. Wearing this to church on sunday??

  8. omg I cant believe this is using all LA girl products. I love their concealer but now I guess I gotta try out the other stuff

  9. Why does it seem that dark skin girls go for lighter foundations and light skin girls go for darker foundation that don't match their bodies??

  10. the gems look gorgeous with the makeup! beautiful combination. ?

  11. Obsessed with the Jem look ????

  12. gorgeous!! ??❤️❤️ what camera do you use?

  13. BEST look I've seen so far! ?

  14. Your so creative! I wish I could be more experimental with colors !! You look beautiful as always! Love you girl! ??

  15. what a gorgeous look! and these eyeshadow colors wow obsessed

  16. So pretty. This has to be one of my favorite festival looks so far.

  17. Not going to Coachella but might as wear this to the mall… ?

  18. Why do I want this makeup look to be my makeup look for prom ???? When u wanna look like a princess for prom but u gotta make ur makeup on fleek too ??

  19. You look so good! My fav festival look so far! Love you!!! Snap chat fam ?????????????????❤️❤️❤️????❤️?❤️??

  20. ☀️☀☀️️S N A P F A M ☀️☀️ OMG I absolutely LOVE this Coachella-look!!!!! It turned out soooo beautiful!!! Made me want to re-create it myself! HUGE THUMBS UP for this look!!!!!! ?????????????????

  21. The faces you make when you're putting on your highlighter ???????
    Love this look btw ??

  22. Soo beautiful!! ?also love that you used mostly cruelty free products so I could recreate this look ☺️?

  23. The cream contour blends away…

  24. You are stunning! Keep slaying girl! ???


  26. anyone want to support eachother?subscribe to me and I'll for sure suscribe back☺️?

  27. Super talented. Love this look! ?

  28. Love this look boo now u no I had to come show my girly some snap fam love ??????????

  29. Gorgeous! Can you do a skin routine please.

  30. Snap fam❤ i wanna be on your snapchat love ??

  31. Yay!! Finally ? so excited that it's finally up ? Love your work!! #Snapfam !!!??????

  32. SNAAAPPP FAAAMMM ?❤️ love the glow!

  33. Ohhhhhh Beautiful Amanda…. I loved….. Greetings from México ??…. ❤️

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