Colorful Graphic Liner Cut Crease Tutorial


  1. An, again You're AWESOME! THIS IS THE SICKEST Most creative look! Definitely gonna try and recreate it! I can't get enough of watching your channel! And moisturize, moisturize moisturize!! Might not help with the dark circles but it'll definitely keep your beautiful skin firm and young!! You're stunning!! Thanks

  2. Amazing look Ann. Great job ??????

  3. how refreshing! I love your originality.

  4. Hands down your the best i've seen on YT.

  5. Can't get over how talented and creative you are, this is such a fun idea for a look!! And your attention to detail is superb!! I've subbed and can't wait to see more from you, would love it if you'd check out my channel too!

  6. nice to see you do a full face on camera ?

  7. What inspired u to do makeup because your really good at it

  8. What brush was used for blending the first few transition shades?

  9. why don't you have a million subscribers yet?!? you are too amazing at what you do! you deserve a lot more recognition on youtube!
    much love for you An – xoxo

  10. I couldn't hear a word you were saying toward the end because your music over powered your words other than that you did a SPECTACULAR eye l?k like always!!!?

  11. you are amazing at eye looks. I was thinking how nice it would be to see a whole face look from you.

  12. How do you not have more views you're better than so many gurus I watch! =P

  13. this…. YESSSSSSS MORE PLEASE. more bold colours please

  14. Wow! In all my years as a MUA, I have not seen such beautiful work….you are the queen of the cut crease girl!!! Amazing xx

  15. I only had to watch one video (it didn't even start yet in fact) and I subscribed. I just knew you would have so much talent and I had to subscribe to see more. Keep up the AMAZING work for I can learn from you… ??

  16. Beautiful ? shout out from malaysia!

  17. You are so beautiful I love your videos!

  18. girl you are so damn talented !

  19. Omg I'm a new subbie and where have you been all my life!!!??? I absolutely love cut creases!!! And I'm binge watching your videos like craz????❤️❤️❤️

  20. You are literally the most UNDERRATED makeup artist!! you are literally better than 99% of the people out there that have 4 million subscribers!!! i love your videos! keep doing what you're doing

  21. You definitely need more credit!! You are amazing and have so many skills! LOVE your videos. -much love <3

  22. OMG I love how you pronounce "turquoise"

  23. Your talent is unreal! Sending much love your way

  24. You are so talented!! I just recently started watching your videos and I subscribed after the first one!

  25. You always do an Excellent Stunning job !I love all your makeup looks you never disappoint ever!!!! :-

  26. PS I have been using Dermalogica eye serum but it is just ok maybe others have better results?

  27. Doing my Makeup Artistry final class tomorrow with photo shoot and I hope I get picked for colorful cut crease because you have and this video have inspired me soooooo much. Please keep up your beautiful artistry and thank you! Anna

  28. awesome eyelook n you are extremely beautiful with summer colors❤

  29. Absolutely gorgeous! You are amazing & super creative. I love this summer look & I will work hard to recreate it because it looks totally worth It. Thank you again for another uniquely beautiful makeup look❣

  30. I really love this!! So summery and beautiful! ❤️

  31. Omg love it can't wait to recreate this look ? your so amazing I am your number one fan you inspired me ?

  32. amazing and fantastic make up!!??

  33. yyyyyyyaaaaaaasssssssssssssa!!!!!!!!

  34. This makeup look is BOLD and GOURGEOUS! right up my alley lol
    A EXCELLENT eye cream is It cosmetics confidence in a eye cream….as well as there confidence in a face cream ?both are a little pricey but SPECTACULAR!! and will last you forever

  35. Beautiful! I'm glad you went outside the box!

  36. Your videos have taught me how to better apply eyeshadow and even eyeliner!!! I love you creative looks ????

  37. You forgot to turn down the music audio around 8:00 so I couldn't hear what you were saying ? still an awesome look though

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