Colorful Matte Leopard Nail Art

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Products used:

  • Sally Hansen – Double Duty Base/Top Coat
  • Revlon – Matte Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen – Hard To Get
  • Non-toxic Crafting Acrylic Paint
  • Toothpick


  1. Do you ever mess up the design when making your videos

  2. Are your nails acrylic,gel,or neither?

  3. Ok I've noticed in a few of your videos you use acrylic paint instead of nail polish. Is this because it comes in more colors??

  4. I love your fingernails alone. There perfect 🙂

  5. How can i do the outline with my undominant hand?

  6. 2nd best OF nails 1st IS cutepolish u rock hannah so does cutepolish

  7. It already looks matte without the top coat.

  8. Much easier to design with 🙂

  9. It's easier to design with but you can definitely use polish too! 🙂

  10. Hi! Is Acrylic paint better than a Polish?

  11. Que flojera hacerlas!, pero vale la pena por que estan hermosas 3

  12. im not pixie polish anymore haha 🙂 and oh ok cool

  13. It may smear if you apply too many strokes. Try to brush it 3 times if you can, it may help! I let it dry completely. Time varies depending on your type of polish.

  14. I freakin love this!! Leopard is my fave 🙂

  15. hi hannah! i love ur vids…my issue is when i put on my top coat, even if my nail design is dry, the top coat smears the design. how do i prevent that? :-/ or how long do u allow ur design to dry before adding a top coat?

  16. I have three words for you. Get. A. Life.

  17. I did it with nail polish instead of paint and it turned out good

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