Converse Shoe Nail Art


  1. I was obsessed with this in like 6 grade

  2. You don't have to do black btw 😉

  3. I'm watching in 2017 who else ?????

  4. اععععععععععععععععععععععع

  5. She sounds soooooo weird

  6. love it.. I'm going to try this on my big toe….

  7. do we have to do black (if I do this then I am using red)

  8. Whos watching this in 2016 wait am i the only one

  9. such a boring voice i fell asleep while watching

  10. Beautiful ???❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  11. you should do Elmo cookie monster and other ones from sesame street

  12. Omg did you see how real that shoe u made is

  13. do your nails ever chip ????

  14. u should do keds

  15. whos watching this in 2015!!!!

  16. Cute. They look like baby's shoes! 🙂

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