Copper Eyes & Brown Lips | loveemanda


  1. You should do a hair tutorial on this look!

  2. damn that chest got me feeling some type of way

  3. Yes!! Lovee this palette and love the look! Slayyyy , girl. ??❤

  4. Love this! As soon as I saw this on instagram I knew I had to see the tutorial! beautiful!xo

  5. Are u Filipina?? Cause I am too :)))

  6. Againnnnn…. So effortlessly beautiful??

  7. Your makeup is always flawless!

  8. SLAY THAT WINGED LINER ? such a pretty look! Xx

  9. As fellow Indonesian gotta admit that you're stunning as hell hhah love the tutorial though ❤️

  10. Girlllll, your top is SLAYINNN! ? gorgeous look btw!

  11. I love your top❤️ where did you purchase it? ??

  12. Loved the background and your shirt!!!!???

  13. I wish you weren't looking down when applying makeup, it was kind of hard to see what you were doing. Maybe you could put your mirror higher

  14. This could be my favorite look you've done so far. I love your shirt too. May I ask where you got it? 🙂

  15. hey Amanda!! jez wondering are u filipina?? love ur videos by the way!

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