Copper Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial



  • Annytude FLUFFY Lashes Code: AN to get discount 15% Discount.
  • ⇢ MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ocher
  • ⇢ Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette
  • ⇢ Morphe 35B Eye Palette
  • ⇢ Zoeva Nude Pencil
  • ⇢ Sigma Wicked Gel Eyeliner
  • ⇢ TheBalm Schwing Liquid liner
  • ⇢ TheBalm Scuba Mascara


  1. Hi Cutie's!! ❤️ Thanks for watching my video. Remember I told you a few video's back that I was going to do something really excited this month and that I couldn't wait to share it with ya'll. Well, it's happening this Thursday!!!! I'm going to give you a hint FILMING > BIG BRAND!!!! Can you guess it?? ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Omggggggg.. I'm seriously so nervous lol. Without your support I would not be where I am today and I'm so grateful! Wish I can meet you all one day so I can give ya'll a big hug ❤️ An

  2. Can I ask you a question gorgeous eyeshadow never expires right??

  3. This is beautiful, a great Christmas nite out look x

  4. So beautiful An!!! What do you do with the fallout? Just brush it off? ???

  5. Absolutely stunning!!!!!

  6. wow An, you have got a very sensible touch for selecting the color, they match perfectly and they make you look so stunning and you makeup is overwhelming, congratulations. you are a great make up artista, one of the best for me

  7. Can u make a look whit the new huda palette pls

  8. Beautiful as always!!!! I’m so happy I found ur channel! I love that u used one palette one most of ur looks. I think I would have found u quicker if u posted the name of the palette ur using in your titles. When I buy an eyeshadow palette I look up the looks I can create on YouTube , I feel like I would have found u quicker! I love love love your eyeshadow looks. I also love that u zoom into your eye when doing a look. By far the best YouTuber! I want to try out ur lash brand very soon. ? Drea

  9. When you hit thee thumbs up button even before you watch the video because you already know it's going to be good!!!!!

  10. Thank you so much Ann i'm just starting doing make up, i'm a stay home mom and you have helped me a lot! BTW i really don't mind you doing more jaclyn hill's pallete tutorials. I just bought it

  11. You are so fabulous at makeup. Not only that, you're so sweet and caring about your subscribers and I really appreciate that. I have used the MAC mixing medium before and I seem to have trouble when I use it as far as getting glitter to stick — do you use a lot of it when you apply it?

  12. Queeeeeeeen! Talented af. I love your videos!

  13. Seus tutoriais são maravilhosos ??????

  14. This is everything ?? fall makeup is my favorite makeup!!

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  16. Plsss the song of intro and outro?

  17. Hi An, i really love all your the make up looks. I'm watching your make up tutorial almost everyday even if i already watched.???❤

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