Copper Red Smokey Eye With Gold Glitter Tears | Jaclyn Hill

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  1. you should try the shannnxo remix palette i feel like it screams u!!❤️❤️

  2. @jaclynhill
    Hey Jaclyn! I just got The Jaclyn Hill palette for christmas and I'm loving it and having fun playing around with the orangey reds in the palette. It's my first professional high quality eyeshadow I've ever used!

    Question though, in this video you used the M441 blending brush from morphe at the beginning of this look(which has white bristles) and then later when you put the dark burgundy shadow on you're using a different brush you say you love, but you said the same name (M441). I'm wondering what brush it actually is xD
    P.S I know you aren't using your palette in this tutorial haha

  3. Chances you’ll open my ig message ??

  4. Me when I cry!! ????

  5. Glitter is horrible for the enviornment and is toxic. Kills animals and people who eat the animals who've ingested glitter. Buy biodegradable glitter. Please. Its so vad for our animals and enviornment!!

  6. Does anyone know what backdrop this is!?

  7. Glitter vaginas ??? I totally would’ve been like ????

  8. is it just me or did she accidently call both brushes the M441, the first eye brush and then the one she said she just discovered??

  9. You look beautiful without makeup ❤️

  10. You look and sound like Adrienne Bailon. 🙂

  11. ?????????? me encanto! Y me encanto más que este subtitulado! Saludos desde México ????

  12. Jaclyn, I know you love the RCMA powder, but do you have any thoughts on By Terry or Koh Gen Do Hyaluronic Acid Powder?

  13. I miss the gold glitter background?

  14. who's watching at june 2017???BTW U ARE SO PRETTTYYYYY LOVE U

  15. you doin you cool look and yes you definitely have to find your way depending on complection love you Jaclyn

  16. Girl, your energy just gives me life I LOVE IT… I wish I was half as talented with makeup as you are… AND I wish you uploaded more often :)) js ❤❤ xo

  17. I'm sure this has already been asked and answered, but what song is this?

  18. Why the description was in french?

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