Cornstarch and Gel Nails Review

Suzie tested building a nail with Cornstarch and Gel Polish at the request of her viewers. 4 Days later, she reviews the result.

Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commision from sales. Some products were given to Suzie to try, and she is sharing her experience of using the products with her viewers. Links to products are provided as a courtesy to Suzie’s viewers.


  1. this might sound a bit crazy , but i tried it with cement and it turned out pretty cool & held up for 5-6 days i think

  2. So glad you made these videos! I have something to refer people to when they ask if cornstarch actually works

  3. You should try using cement powder that would be interesting.

  4. Great review. I'm still shaking my head. I'm with you. ???????

  5. Thanks for the great video!! When will you be having the acrylic kit box back again? Im dying to have one. Happy New Year!

  6. I'm so glad you did this review ?❤

  7. I agree with some viewers, I really think people were trying to save a buck, but I guess the name of there game is called fake it till you make it. But thank you it's not for me.

  8. Wow it's amazing how much discussion this has generated! Love you Suzie!!

  9. I kinda figured it would snap at the tip

  10. Could you do a video on silk/fiberglass nail wraps?

  11. Hi just a question when are your 2nd acrylic kits coming out

  12. Thank you for talking more about the stress point of nails! I had pretty long natural nails (with polish), and some of my nails started cracking right there. The top layers started coming off there too. I'm gonna have shorter nails now – no acrylic for me. 😀

  13. Here in Brazil we use cornstarch and super glue togheter, it's holds really good but its horrible for the nail

  14. Suzie you're so helpful but u know internet ppl think they know more than any professional on YouTube. You'll always be wrong smh. Lol

  15. I knew it wouldn't work after she explained it on her last video. I'm surprised it lasted this long. I guess on one finger she was able to protect that finger.

  16. I'm not sure how this cornstarch thing got started, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to getting your nails done or buying these products and doing it yourself then what you could do is buy the sets of nails that are already made. The sets usually come with 24 nails, a bottle of glue, a cuticle stick and a file( I would use your own file). but if you prep the nail properly as you would with anything else and make sure when you apply them that you dont have to get your hands wet for a while I would recommend doing them before you go to bed, but they will last between 1-2 weeks depending on your activity and how often you get your hands wet and they come in many different styles and the kit cost around 7 dollars so its not a bad deal at all. just an idea!

  17. Hi Suzie,
    Can you please make a detailed video on e-files, their settings, how to use, their benefits, why to use them? I
    ’ve seen you highlight somethings about it in your videos but I’d really love to know about it all together all at once.
    Love, Bhoomi

  18. What’s the sonst out of her intro called?

  19. i've seen/heard that you're supposed to mix the cornstarch with the gel/gel polish

  20. Yeah…we should all continue using acrylic or hard gel for our nail extensions ?

  21. SUZIE HELP!!! I got my acrylics done last night and she did not have her ratio right. The acrylic literally DRIPPED down my finger?

  22. I tried the whole cornstarch thing for Christmas and it was a nightmare! Messy and inconvenient. I ended up taking it off the next day and bent one of the nails to see if it was sturdy and it just snapped like nothing lol. I was hoping it would be a good, temporary and cheaper alternative to acrylics while being tougher than the plastic ones you can buy all in one but nopeee. Not worth it unfortunately.

  23. Oh my god that thumbnail gave me stress ? Thanks for looking out for us Suzie!

  24. Suzie reminds me a lot of Valerie Bertinelli.

  25. This was a short video 🙁

  26. I was wondering how it was holding up and if it was driving you crazy yet. 🙂

  27. Yea I assumed that would happened. But it was a good experience. Thank you for showing ??

  28. Suzie always has the best videos, like the music and how the camera moves, so good

  29. Thanks for putting yourself through the wringer on the cornstarch debunking and educating us on the results. Despite that, seeing more suggestions to tweak a failed substitute blows me away!

  30. Good. Now maybe this fad will go the way of the duckbill nail. 🙂

  31. hey suzie! what if you instead of using gel polish & cornstarch maybe try it with just gel polish?

  32. I love experimenting!! These videos are so cool! I’ve always been curious if you can realistically cure gel polish in the sun in a pinch, like if your lamp broke, and how long it would actually take to cure.

  33. You should really make a series out this. Testing out different nail hacks that are on the internet and really educating and giving us the science behind all of them.

  34. I’m just LOVING you for doing this! ❤️❤️❤️ I totally get that we all want to save a buck if we can, but cornstarch goes into your mouth and not on your nails ? You have explained this so well and not in a condescending way. You rock! ????

  35. Omg what nail polish remover did you use? was it for gel polish that came off so quick!

  36. Suzie I so wish you could do my nails! I finally figured out who you remind me of… Valerie Bertinelli! Please tell me you get this all the time lol!

    Edit: I googled lol you definitely do get compared!

  37. HI SUZIE!! can you do a review of those cheep amazon acrylic nail sets?

  38. OMG when you start bending and trying to flex the nail, I can just see where it wants to pop and it hurts my nails. You can even see where its cracking and trying to lift around the cuticle too.

  39. Am I the onlyone who cringed everytime she was jiggling the nail up and down? O_o

  40. I tried with form not tips,and its perfect and hard like acrylic,I followed your steps ? btw I learned alot From you ?

  41. It still held up pretty well!

  42. I think it should be used for people who need acrylic looking nails fast and only for an hour or so for a photo shoot or something.

  43. I never seen them do it with gel polish I watched them do it with cornstarch and gel mixed together and then put on the nails. great video tyfs

  44. I'm sorry the internet and fools are wasting your time with questions like these. If someone ever comes into my chair with cornstarch nails they will be shown the door

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