Cornstarch and GEL Polish Nails

Does using Gel Polish with Cornstarch make a stronger nail than using regular polish and cornstarch? Suzie tests this theory in response to many viewer comments on her original Cornstarch and Nail Polish Video. She also shows how to remove your Cornstarch Nail.

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  1. Grant! Bring Grant back please…

  2. What about doing a gel nail polish nail, so the same thing you just did but without the cornstarch.

  3. I can’t wait to start using gel polish! Im looking for a good lamp. What is the lamp in your video? Its so cute! Also if you have suggestions for other good lamps I’d love your opinion. Thanks!

  4. “If you’re gonna pick a white powder, pick acrylic” is my new favorite anti-drug campaign slogan.

  5. You are the best, wish you were my mom tbh

  6. " I need to make it clear that the gel and the lamp aren't bad products so I do t lose my sponsorship"

  7. Can you try the fiber glass nails, I’ve been seeing it all over Instagram

  8. I've tried corn starch in a builder gel to make it like a polygel and that worked. However , it's just a royal pain in the butt and might as well just get the actual product itself instead of going through the pain of finding the proper amounts to mix etc… It is fun though the first time around because you feel like a mad scientist bwuahahaaaa lol

  9. if you have money for a uv lamp you have for builders gel

  10. Can you do acrylic or builder gel with a peel off base coat? I’m really curious ?

  11. It’s about cost. Cornstarch is way cheaper than acrylic. People are trying to figure out a hack for when you’re on a budget. I’m not saying it’s right (you certainly get what you pay for) but I understand the motivation.

  12. Doing cornstarch nails tonight! I can only have them on for 2 days before I go back to work so this is perfect!

  13. Can we please get Camera Man infront of the camera for 2018???

  14. When doing cornstarch and gel nails, you use builder gel and cornstarch mixed into a paste. It is supposed to be like polygel. It would be cool if you visited that 🙂

  15. Ugh!!
    She just wrecked a bottle of gel polish for a video..
    Suzie girl, you do so much for us!!

  16. if you're gonna pick a white powder pick cocaine……. i mean acrylic

  17. I used brush on nail glue and dipped in baking soda. Waaaay stronger.

  18. I have mixed gel and cornstarch and it worked well. However I was using builder gel. Thanks for all your cool videos Suzie ❤

  19. The whole cornstarch fad nails is stupid

  20. Thank you the video your the best ????????

  21. Hi Suzie, can you test some of the cheapest products on the market for those of us who don’t want to invest much? Gel polishes? Curing lamps? Acrylic powders and polymers? Brushes? Your products are amazing but so expensive

  22. Again, as in the other vid. I think it's meant for temporary…. maybe a few days…

  23. I'll stick to polygel. That $50 price tag is worth it. The cornstarch trend is for cheap people.

  24. Dear Suzie, can you please make a video where tou talk about the different types of lamps? LED, UV, curing time, watts etc.
    Lots of love from a big fan in Denmark ❤️

  25. suzie, girl…the people have spoken…WE WANT TO SEE CAMERA MAN WITH NAILS ON

  26. I love your channel so much the funny thing is that I don’t have acrylics or nails with something hahaha I just enjoy so much the content in here

  27. I'm both fascinated and crying that there's now cornstarch in your Shine.E.

  28. maybe try a builder gel next? i love your videos ty so much <3

  29. One word!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!?????

  30. Oh Suzie,. The things you do for your fans! I love you lady! I was in such a horrible mood and you make it impossible to be crabby. Greatful I got to see that you uploaded today! ?❤️

  31. I absolutely love Suzie and her videos!!! They are so relaxing and she’s like an awesome mom and idk I think she’s great ❤️❤️

  32. I don't understand why anyone would want to use cornstarch?? haha!! I'm sure it won't measure up to a gel or acrylic nail.

  33. maybe try curing the gel then putting it in the corn starch cause of the sticky layer that occurs when gel is cured??

  34. I'm looking for a led lamp, I'm just starting with gel polish so i don't know much about led lamps can you help me?

  35. If this doesn’t work out, maybe try using the builder gel and maybe a gel top coat. I think that might work better. I know cornstarch isn’t strong enough to make and build a nail, but I’m curious to see it built in another way. Maybe it will work better that way.

  36. What if you use gel polish and regular acrylic powder as a dipping system?

  37. Can we expect the next video to be cocaine nails

  38. Is builder gel a soak off gel? Also is soak off gel used for a nail overlay?

  39. This seems like an eye-watering amount of time and effort just to create nails. Don’t get me wrong- I love Suzie’s work but oh my lord!

  40. I love how patient you are with all these crazy cornstarch requests. I definitely prefer to use gel or acrylic and it’s not even that expensive to get something that works.

  41. I don’t get what the ‘advantage’ is to cornstarch nails!? In the time it took for all of this I could have driven to the nail salon for a full set of gels or acrylics! Thanks, Susie, for giving it a try.

  42. What if you…used superglue and cornstarch to build the nail? ?

  43. Hi Suzi!! A few many years ago it was really popular building your nail with nail glue and flour. I did it myself a few times but they kept breaking, thanks to you I learn you need an estructure ( Thing I never tought of until now). Maybe you can make it work!! Hugs from Argentina

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