Cranberry Smokey Eye – Graphic Glitter Liner

Hey guys!! Hope you like this summer into fall makeup look!!

♡Products Used

♡Glambag Products mentioned // This is an ipsy Glam Bag Video.


  1. Dessssssi you are so damn beautiful!! It's not fair. OMG!!

  2. So nice!! What shade are you in the makeup forever hd foundation?

  3. yaaaaaaas this is where it's at ????? slaaay

  4. What color are you in the Makeup forever foundation?

  5. i love how desi applies mascara! It looks so cool!!!

  6. is there any yellow/ pink tone in the tarte concealer in tan?

  7. The suspenseful background music you put while you're attempting the first wing literally had me gripping the couch like something terrible was gonna happen! LMFAO

  8. What color are you in the MUFE HD Foundation? My complexion is similar to yours…thanks 🙂

  9. Will you and Katy be at IMATS London this year?! I really hope so!

  10. Love love love your videos Desi! I can't help but to notice your editing is amazing, do you care to share the type of backdrop you have? Thanks!

  11. Oooooh I really love this look ??

  12. How about a tutorial for both an every day look for a dark redhead as well as a glam night look. Pretty please? 🙂

  13. Omg me too! I feel like my left eye has more space than my right eye!

  14. Can you do a Chesure cat tutorial???!!

  15. I love how meticulous you are with your makeup. My routine is, "I found colors that match my outfit and this just sorta happened"

  16. I think this would look great with gold glitter liner too 🙂

  17. Can you do a joker look that isn't scary? Like something sassy

  18. "Some people do this with tape.. but ain't nobody got times for tape" Lol I love you

  19. Very Jem & The Holograms!

  20. Gypsy!

  21. I would love to see a realistic cat/lion Halloween makeup tutorial. There are so many cheesy tutorials out there and I'd love to see one that is realistic. Love love love you and your videos!

  22. Can you do like a glam Edward scissorhands !!!

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