Crayon Nail Art

Nail art inspired by crayons?! Yup, today’s nail art design is perfect for back to school! An easy nail art design that’s fun and colorful. This nail art design can be worn back to school in the classroom, or, it could be worn any day that you’re just looking for a colorful and fun nail art design 🙂

Nail polishes used:

  • Formula X Base Coat
  • Revlon Bubbly #280
  • Formula X Eureka
  • Shany stripers in white and light pink
  • Formula X Top Coat


  1. Watching this 3 whole years later

  2. I love your nails how do u do that

  3. I think I'd use nail vinyls for the swirly stripe. I CANNOT freehand that evenly.

  4. Cute polish is the best nail designer for nail art

  5. WOW! These nails are SO cute! Definitely doing these right now! (Even though it is 9:30 P.M.)

  6. Those are so cute I wish I had the rest of the equipment for the nails ?

  7. my hand is so small its like the size of an 8 year old and im 23..

  8. I have the same exact pink polish from revlon!!

  9. every time I see her videos when ever she puts nail polish on she never makes a mess of nail polish

  10. Should I put a matte top coat?

  11. I watched ONE video… Then I subscribed. Yea, your that awesome!

  12. kassia how cute! omg lol

  13. The yellow looks so realistic.

  14. omg so totally doing this when we go to sesame Street my cousin loves sesame Street and we are going there for her birthday.

  15. Could i put a matte to the bottom of the crayon

  16. tried it my nails are pretty

  17. Can you do one of Pokemon pleas ??

  18. The color that you showed us is my favorite because pink is my favorite color.

  19. awesome,i love this I subsrcibed

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