Crimson Spell Deep Red Hair Color


  1. I would want the power to heal

  2. The CEO & Founder of RunStreet, Marnie has Bright Red Hair! She is super nice and down to earth.

  3. Guy, may closet hairstylists purchase your outstanding hair color products?

  4. If I was in a place of power I would is my position to empower other people and I think that is because I have worked under managers who acted like their purpose in life was to tear everyone around them down and bring them to the bottom of the slim bucket.

  5. OMG. I've have always wanted to dye my hair crimson. And then I'll be krimson with crimson hair. Its so hard to find the perfect shade. I have now found it. It's to die for ??

  6. The power like Scarlett witch and I would help people like she does

  7. So glamorous and rich. She looks stunning in this color !

  8. Love love love it!!! And love the singing!


  10. Beautiful color of red Guy Tang! It looks so rich and shiny! You did a great job in her hair!

  11. Hi Guy Tang!
    I want to buy this awesome color for my hair but I'm not sure how much I will need. How much hair will one tube dye? My hair is about the same amount as the woman in this video.

  12. do you think brown hair fading into a deep bright red would look good with a light skin and blue eyes??? red is my favorite color and I really want red in my hair

  13. I want my hair colored with Raven Purple and Crimson Red 🙂

  14. Dear Guy, YOU are my hero ❤️????? I hope I can meet you one day, and get my hair done by you, and learn everything you have to teach me so I can color hair the way you do. You’re amazing but you stay so real and humble and I really appreciate that. I love you so much! I’m obsessed with this color but what level should I lift to if I want it to be a little deeper but still keep the vibrancy? Do you think a level 5 or 6 would be too dark to put the crimson over?

  15. Hi Guy!! I am a student and for years I've just been self taught ?
    I have a few questions for you ! ?How do you achieve a level 11 -12 on dark brown or black hair in one sitting ?? I'm cringing because of the damage and breakage that is usually caused doing this !? but you never fail!!! Your work is always amazing and I'm just curious how you do this? Are you using a booster? And if so which brands ? And what would you recommend using or doing to a clients hair if they come in with over processed hair that is breaking off or has been chemically cut?

    Thank you sooooo much for everything you've taught me over the years !!! I aspire to be as talented as you are some day !!! ?????

  16. I work with a lot a client's with dark hair what kinda products can I use to make a lift level 9 or 10

  17. My power would be to HEAL this country and the world. Rid our country and the world of hate and bigotry.

  18. Hi! I have black hair ( I dyed it) but I want to lighten the bottom half and dye it purple ( grayish purple) or more of a honey tone but I used to dye my hair red and the undertone is now yellowish how can I solve this?

  19. Hello. I am fan of you and I see all your videos, I have a question and I hope that you answer me 🙂 I had this color, but over time it disappeared on the lengths and it is still on my roots. I want to recolor the lengths except that my lengths currently have a dark color. what do you advise me to do in this case?

  20. Sería bueno que traduscan al español o latino, y así poder entender cómo hace las mezclas de colores, además de poder adquirir sus productos

  21. So your direct dyes fade in 50 washes?! Like does it fade like a regular red color?! Love this so much. I want to buy your colors but im overwhelmed and dont know which ones to get in terms of which ones i would use most! Since i am a student atm haha. I am planning to dye my friends hair from black to silver smokey hair and you have many shades in silver! So im confused ??

  22. I have very curly hair how will bleaching and dying my hair effect it?

  23. If I had power I would do everything I could to help the amazing kids I work with everyday. They are great kids but most live very rough life’s. I would love to use my powers to help them become the amazing grown ups I know they will one day be.

  24. If I had a super power I’d help the hungry & the homeless…. I have been in that situation & it’s horrible not having anyone to turn to for help. When someone is truly in need of help everyone who claims they are there for you no matter what disappears. When you’re down & out you find that you’re usually alone. Thats why whenever I’m able to help someone, I do. I know how it’s is to need someone to care & to help & be in a situation of lack & not have any help. So, I always try to help when I can if I have the means to do so. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

  25. Can I apply this to hair without dying the hair? And if so, would the red ever bleach the hair. I love this color but I would hate to bleach my hair.

  26. Hey Guy Tang i dyed my hair green with semi-permanent dye and im trying to take it out do you have any advice for taking out the dye ? Thanks

  27. I neeeeees that brush and bowl!!!! I’ve looked everywhere! Where can I purchase them?! Xo

  28. Oh and also instead of the name "money maker", you can use "golden face" or something like that lol. "golden area" lol ok … emm nope…that sounds the same as "money maker" tho… Maybe like a golden crown because it is an area like that you know… and idk what I have to do with gold tho lmao

  29. omg you're so amazing! I love you a lot! Could you please do a 50 shades of blue if you haven't yet please? Are you going to make an electric blue color?

  30. Your personality can lift anyones mood up! love the hair btw 😀

  31. I love watching you guy! Not a professional but been doing my hair and family and friends for a while. Wish I could buy your products ? makes me want to go get my license just to buy it

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