Cruella de Vil Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

I hope you guys enjoy this Cruella de Vil tutorial! I had SOOOO much fun creating this makeup look! XOXO



  2. i love it! i’m thinking about trying this look!

  3. Late to the party but love this!! Do Maleficent!!

  4. I want to try that bottom eyeliner technique without the costume makeup!

    I like the idea of a “Disney Villain” series!!!

  5. Does anyone know we're Jaclyn got the diamond necklace she wore in the intro ??!!?? ????

  6. So freakin cute! Love this look & you made it look so damn EFFORTLESS!

  7. She's KNOWN for having green eyeshadow

  8. Kinda looks like Christina Aguilera tho

  9. Still amazing a year later!!  Get it girl!

  10. Where is the wig from? It looks amazing and that graphic liner….perfection

  11. Never saw this video tutorial, love the makeup!

  12. Do Ursula for Halloween 2017!!!

  13. I'm going to be Cruella this Halloween

  14. This video intro was absolutley fabulous. your eye color and red lips shook me.

  15. i used this for my costume and i got compliments all day and i told everyone your name and they subscribed to u!! Ty for the awesome look

  16. Love this look! You rock and did this look very good, stay slaying???

  17. OMG !!! YOU REMINDED ME OF CHRISTINA AGUILERA!!!! You should do a makeup tutorial on herrrr short blonde curly wig and red lipstick ? yassss! You would rock that !

  18. Im back here a half year later JUST for this intro!!! ❤❤❤❤ LOOVVEEEEE

  19. Still obsessed with this intro!!!

  20. You look like Christina Aguilera! Haha

  21. i was so weak i love her ??Omg john& jaclyn are so cute juntos i swear so genuine

  22. why dont you mention where your liner brush is from????? been searching through your videos but you never mention it…I NEED IT!

  23. Looks like Christina Aguilera

  24. i dont know what I did wrong but LORDT!!!

  25. Some times I just rewatch this intro

  26. I can't get over this tutorial Jaclyn!! ????

  27. Does anyone know where she got that necklace at?

  28. Can I just say how proud I am of you?! You've come so far and I want you to know that you have so many people that love you! Congrats on the morphe pallete! Can't wait to buy it??

  29. yaassss jaclyn lol late reaction but loving this look? oh is that a cigg??

  30. you kinda look like a shiny balloon in all of your videos

  31. Jaclyn– This look reminds me of the ballet Swan Lake! You should do a Swan Lake inspired tutorial. As a ballerina (who has Swan Lake performances coming up soon) it would be so helpful since I suck at makeup, lol…please!

  32. This is amazing!!! You should do a Christina Aguilera look!! You could totally pull her off!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  33. deberías de hacer tus vídeos mas seguidos con subtítulos en español?

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