Crystal bling nails with the Crystal Katana ☆

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  1. Rhinestones are fake crystals Cristina ?

  2. I have a costume made out of serochi gem

  3. I would cover my phone case with crystals

  4. Hey I’ve got a question about the crystals. Was hopeful some body could help me out. Would they stay stuck down on the nails for up to 3-4 weeks? I like to keep me manicures for a while. Many thanks, Sophie

  5. Oh I think that I found myself a cheerleader the katanas right there when I need her. Placing gemstones, on my nails, making it glitter.

    (Awful attemp at fixing her song I know)

  6. She was saying katana wrong, it's the name of the sward katana like the Japanese swards

  7. Not that cool. Looks cheap, but love the base color;

  8. Wait but what was on her other hand?

  9. Heard 'Little Miss Bliss' and immediately thought of WWE…

  10. Just telling you, but its pronounced kah-ton-ah.

    You dont even need to listen to me im just telling you.

  11. You can literally take a toothpaste put candle wax on the end and it work exactly the same soooo

  12. Whenever I see Holo I get the chills in a good way

  13. My school banned nail polish so I wear fake nails and acrylics ?

  14. I would cover the world in crystals (because I just would)!!!!

  15. I want to grow my nails and do nail art but my nails shape is wide and I hate them so I bite them down and now it's a nervous habit so I don't know what to do, they look really bad ?

  16. ????♩Oh i think that I found my new gem placer shes always right there when I need her??♩??

  17. I took a screen shot in your equal nails

  18. I would put it on my face all over my head

  19. She said see ya later, not see y'all later.. did she not so that back in the day?

  20. I was not that obsessed with holo until I started watching you and now holo is my favorite thing

  21. You’ve changed.. for the better. I actually had to fast forward through most of that.

  22. You’ve changed.. for the better. I actually had to fast forward through most of that.

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