Crystal Gold Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

HEY CUTIES!! ♡ Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m showing you how to achieve this Golden Glitter Makeup look. I hope you like how it turned out.
Love you all!! ♡ xxx An

  • ⇢ MAC Soft Ocher Paint pot
  • ⇢ Makeupgeek Eyeshadows: Peach Smoothie, Sora, Side Kick, Dark Roast, Artemis.
  • ⇢ Tarte Cosmetics chrome paint sun drenched
  • ⇢ Sigma Wicked gel eyeliner
  • ⇢ theBalm Mr. write pencil in black
  • ⇢ Huda Beauty lashes 13 Jade
  • ⇢ RXY Gold dust glitter
  • ⇢ Tarte Cosmetics Lights Camera lashes mascara
  • ⇢ MAC Mixing medium gel to stick glitter
  • ⇢ NYX Matte liquid liner


  1. HEY CUTIES!! ♡ Welcome back to my YouTube channel. In today's video I'm showing you how to achieve this Golden Glitter Makeup look. I hope you like how it turned out.
    So for a long time I have been thinking about giving my subscribers/fan's a special name. So I thought about using the name "Fanny's"
    It contains my name: An
    My family calls me often Anny because it sounds more cut
    It contains the word: Fan'
    I thought it sounds cute, let me know your thoughts! ♡
    Love you all!! ♡ xxx An

  2. When u hit 1 million subscribers, I think u should do a massive giveaway as a celebration

  3. Love the Fannies! Beautiful as always!

  4. "Fannie " In America and some other countries, means backside/butt, lol!!???? I think we need a better name lol

  5. Haha at least in America fanny means butt. It’s kind of like an innocent name for it. Like your grandma would say it.

  6. How about Artist Ani's Army instead? Lol.

  7. you are very talented. Ireally enjoy watching you doing the makeups.

  8. I love the word fannie maybe we could be your fannie pack!!! Love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yaaas I love this eyeshadow look I'm a glitter lover I have always do my eyeshadow with shimmer shine.????????

  10. You make it look so effortless! Gorgeous!

  11. You make beautiful makeup

  12. Fannies is cute! Fanny can mean booty in English. I’ve never heard anyone call their vagina that.

  13. I aint no fanny! ??? (still loving you from the UK ❤?)

  14. Hermoso maquillaje , gracias

  15. You’re amazing love from your favourite fannie.

  16. Is knookies met zachte k niets of knookies.

  17. Your videos and the looks you create are just always daring. Thanks for sharing. The name Fanny, I think its cool.

  18. This is the tutorial I’ve been waiting forever for someone to execute right!!! Thank you

  19. I think the name will be great 🙂

  20. ?ラ━ヽ(。・∀-)人(-∀・。)ノ━ジャ?

  21. I think this look is beautiful you make it look so easy

  22. Super hermoso!!!! Me encanta!!! Saludos hermosa!!! ???

  23. Yes I like the name ❤️❤️

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