Crystal Swarovski Cut Crease Tutorial

Hi loves ☺ I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any looks that you want me to make please let me know in the comments. XOXO




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  1. ?❤??Love the Crystals! But was it uncomfortable?

  2. What glue did you use to make the stones stick

  3. Perfect I've never seen such talent! Gorgeous

  4. I am in the US what would be a dupe for these lashes

  5. This will be my new year eye makeup looks 2017 stunning makeup girl ????????????????????????????????

  6. beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul

  7. Where could i wear this? Pls don’t say everywhere. This is serious question I really wanna know

  8. Where did u get those crystals lol

  9. Your just amazing I’ve learnt so much from watching your stuff, will continue ?

  10. I just love it how you pronounce "fideo" <3 anyway, this look is AWESOME.

  11. gorgeous look. thank you for sharing x

  12. I love this, but I'm not going to even attempt to try it, because I know it will be a mess, just like how you did the confetti one!! Loved it but I'll have polka dots on my eyebrows trying to master that one!! Lol very good Ann

  13. I love the fact that she mostly only do makeup tutorials, unless others who makes reviews about everything and anything and promotes brands

  14. I hope you wore this makeup some where for everyone to see. So much talent

  15. what size crystals do you use? I REALLY need to know the size in mm, because I def ordered them too big I believe .

  16. the most beautifull abc amazing makeup I ever see???????❤❤


  18. I just love AnKnook….out of the million and 1 persons I have subscribed to on YouTube, you're the only one that has enhanced my ability to create the looks of the day. your work is define, precise, simple and natural and I'm super happy I habe found someone who Is worth watching…love u An

  19. muy hermoso gracias por compartir

  20. Beautiful work love the look

  21. Hi,there. Please tell me where I.May.purchase these crystals. Can I get them from a Swarovski store? I have to have these crystals because I love this look.

  22. omg soooooowwwww beautiful

  23. Hi there. How do you get the of your face at night? Did you go to a Swarovski store to.purchase the diamonds.

  24. Very beautiful make-up!!!!!! You are a very very good make-up artist! And what is the title of the music??

  25. OHH MYYY GOD! I love this look. Its amazing

  26. Where can I purchase some of the stones from

  27. This is puré Art, beautiful

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