Current FAVORITE Beauty Products!

My current favorite beauty products including makeup, hair products, and some randoms!

I love monthly favorites, but I don’t always have tons of new makeup or hair stylers to talk about, so here’s a collective favorites! I love doing these typical beauty guru videos every now and then and doing some reviews for you guys! I hope you enjoy them too.

★What I Used:★

★What I’m wearing:★


  1. Hi! I'll like a video of how choose your makeup foundation color, please..

  2. How does the it cosmetics CC cream look over trouble areas?? I get acne and dry patches on my forehead, nose, jaw, and around my mouth on really bad days because I'm a teenager. Does the CC cream look really bad over those kind of things??

  3. Would love to know what kind of shampoos you use!

  4. I too have that book, awesome book!!!!

  5. Can you do a video showing the products you use to prep your hair before doing an updo?

  6. What nail varnish are you wearing in this video? Its a lovely colour.

  7. As a heavy product user (skin and hair), please consider using more green products. All those chemicals absorbing into your bloodstream is not healthy, not to mention the effect it has on the planet and consumerism. Please think about that.

  8. your hair colour is so beautiful

  9. I hope you do the ouai review! I'm so curious about which products I need to get from her line!

  10. I would like to see a video about the ouai brand!.

  11. Hi Kayley, would you do a video for massaging scalp and your recommendation specifically for re-growing hair? I am afraid of getting thin hair as I get older and feel like I want to start preventing care.. I would love to hear your opinion or advice if you have any. Thanks!

  12. Can you do a tutorial on the hairstyle that is the cover of this video please??

  13. Can you please do a hairstyles video about athletic hairstyles please? P.S. I love your videos and you are so pretty.

  14. I'd love to hear more product reviews! ?

  15. Ooh, can you do a video on your insane hair product collection? I remember you putting some clips of it on snapchat. love you! ??

  16. What's your favorite dry shampoo?

  17. Can you do a video about basic buns that'd be good to know thanks:)

  18. Yes to the OAUI line review video!

  19. I live Brenee Brown!!! If you haven't you should try reading her book Rising Strong. I had the please of hearing her speak at the Global Leadership Summit last year and what she talked about has stuck with me since.

  20. I'd love to see more product reviews! I've been watching your videos for a while now and yours are by far my favorite out there!

    Do you have a product recommendation for dull hair? Something to give it a little warmth and life? Thanks!

  21. You look like Karma (Katie Stevens) from Faking it!

  22. Hey, gorgeous! Great video; totally love and respect your reviews above others. I have been loving cream blush for the spring/summer, and the ELF palette has been a surprising, affordable find!

    On another note: can you please do a tutorial on some of the amazing hairstyles coming out of the Cannes Film Festival right now? Gaia Weiss's braided faux-hawk and Lily Donaldson's chic, effortless looking low braid were amazing, and I would love some guidance on how to achieve both looks! You are awesome; keep doing you!

  23. I'm going to a wedding while I'm on festival, which means that I only have a small mirror, limited amount of bobby pins and elastics, and I have no power for a curling iron. Do you have any ideas on what I can do for a simply, easy yet pretty and formal hairstyle? x

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