Current Hair Care Favorites 2015

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*How I Grew My Hair:
*How I CUT MY HAIR at Home!
*All About my Keratin treatment:

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Hi my loves! I have seen a lot of people asking about an updated hair care favorites video. I have been using all of these products for a while now and can back them up 100%. I swear the past year my hair as grown SO much more then ever before. I know it has to be from the less frequent heat sessions! Before this treatment it would take me over an hour just to blow-dry my hair. Now it takes under 10 minutes 🙂 I hope this video helps for anyone looking for some new products to try. Love you guys! XO Carli

Products Mentioned:
*GK Shampoo & Conditioner (Under $20)
*GK Argan Oil (Any argan oil will do)
*Schwarzkopf Heat Protection Shine Spray
*Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark Brown
*Fekkai Galanga Root Anti-Fade Top Coat
*Wella Semi Permanent Professional Hair Color: Base: Level 3/4 & Highlights Level 7

*I didn’t even mention extensions in this video because I wanted to focus more on how my natural hair favorites 🙂 BUT I still love and wear my Bellami Extensions, now just for thickness! If you are interested in a pair, I recommend the 220g or the Lilly Hair in Mochachino 1C. They are SUPER thick and luscious 🙂 (I am not wearing any in this video)
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  1. I purchased Argan Rain Shampoo because I wanted to try. The delivery service was very satisfying, i was worrying about the parcel but my products are safely arrived 🙂 And, It has surprisingly done wonders for my hair. The quality is very good, so I think it was a good purchase.

  2. omg your so gorges i cant even believe it! <3

  3. If u have wavy hair, won't heat straightening make it a lot worse?

  4. She's literally the girl version of Daniel preda oml

  5. Hi Carli. Do you still use the same hair color? I like it and I want to buy it.

  6. holy shit she look like kim kardashian. lmfao

  7. My brother is a hair stylist and we take argan rain shampoo it works really great. It is sulfate, silicone, alcohol, salt and dye free, special formulation with %100 organic argan oil, helps to prevent hair loss, and my hair silky, softer.

  8. carli, have you got any drugstore faves?

  9. Can you do an updated hair care routine please!?!!



  12. I've been using Argan Life natural shampoo for about three months now. I haven't noticed hair growth but I have noticed less hair falling out.If nothing else this product feels good and leaves your hair feeling clean .

  13. What do you use to have shiny hair?

  14. You are so girly I want to be like that like every day get ready and fix my puffy hair and not be a nail bitter lol i always do my makeup but my hair no maybe later i just had surgery someone pray for me pleasee

  15. I got the GK hair products too. It's an amazing product. Thanks for the review though.

  16. Hey girl! Love your hair my hair is so like yours it's super thick and wavy do you have any tips on getting rid of baby hairs?

  17. Please do a Update hair care Routine 2016 !! 🙂

  18. you have thick, long, beautiful hair. you dont need extensions. God bless your hair

  19. whoah that's a lot of plastic surgery

  20. How did I miss this oldie but goodie. Awesome sharing. I need to dust off all of my favorites from you. They are still so satisfying and fun to watch

  21. Hi …can you please tell us about your hair color….

  22. okaii so I'm just trying to clarify … she washes her hair every 3-4 days, but gets her hair wet every night ????

    please answer someone ….

  23. How much does the GK keratin cost?

  24. will u do a new hair care routine

  25. Hi Carli, you probably won't reply but I'm in dire need of help.. I know you have curly hair & I have hair very very similar hair to yours and I was wondering what shampoos you would recommend for your hair that doesn't make you (or anyone) bald? The shampoo in using is basically burning my hair off & im starting to stress out. Please please please help me! I want to keep my curls healthy but I don't know what shampoo or conditioner to use. I would really REALLY appreciate your help! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! ❤️?

  26. I go to the salon on and off and recently I just started dying my hair black with the One n Only Argan Oil Demi in 1N very black from Sally's. It leaves my hair so shiny and feels like conditioner when you rinse it out of your hair. My hair is this gorgeous inkwell type of color. I get my hair cut every 2-3 months in a short a-line bob with short layers at the nape of my neck and longer pieces on the side of my head at Great Clips. Since my hair is so short and nothing too special they do an amazing job at giving me what I want.

  27. I know this is an old video, but can you tell me what make up you have on? Just started following you / found you last Friday. You're great and make me smile. Thanks

  28. I uploaded a hair care video on my channel please check it out!! 🙂

  29. hey Carli, just wondering what is your hair color at the moment ??

  30. Can we see a current hair care video please

  31. Don't keratin treatments have formaldehide in them? I heard they cause cancer

  32. Whats a good heat protection for men?

  33. Carli, just curious, is your hair natural or do you colour it? If you do it at home what colour is it?!

  34. love your hair color (: what hair dye color is it?

  35. I was just watching your video like I do on the daily and wanted to let you know how much i love your channel!  Also to let you know how much your favorite brushes video helped me, I have always loved makeup but with your help i'm really learning/getting good at layering/blending my eye shadows.  I went to the Morphe website and ordered a kit and some single brushes along with the LA Girl concealer you use to contour your nose and can't wait to get them.  You are so amazingly gorgeous and fun, I look forward to your new videos.  My deepest condolences to you and your family on the loss of your Poppa…

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