Current Skincare Morning Routine for Naturally Radiant Skin


  1. It's like if an angel from heaven ever filmed a skin care routine

  2. The video quality and creativity ugh amazing xoxo

  3. I have hormonal acne too , try to eliminate dairy and sugar while also lowering my inflammation of my body & this is my first week doing it .. I realized that my acne getting worse , & I seriously dont know what to do! I've also changed my skincare to more natural and gentler side but nothings changed

  4. you were much better before you change you lips . love your organization and discipline very inspiring <3

  5. I need that song ?? does anyone know how to find it?

  6. Such a beautiful and relaxing video!! Lovely music!

  7. Reservation tone still dream nomination constitute plant guideline achievement pension folk.

  8. your skin is so pretty! i wish i had as clear skin..

  9. very nicely done video I must say

  10. Such a calming video…and a good reminder for me to use my toner. 😉

  11. I am in LOVE with this video, so soothing and aesthetically pleasing. Does anyone know the exact name of the song?

  12. hey rachel I'm from india I love your skin care routine.but specially the background music vry peaceful

  13. what is the exact name of this song

  14. Gorgeous. As always. I needed this video right now, it made me relax sooo well! Gonna do some pampering now. I have my final exam tomorrow…
    Love you, Rachel! Keep up the amazing work. And keep doing what you love, 'cause I love it too <3

  15. Just thought I'd clear this up: You need to give it time to be absorbed, because in order to be effective, it must interact with skin cells. (A sunscreen with a physical block like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide can be applied last, after a serum or moisturizer.) Apply a serum next and, finally, moisturizer if you need it

  16. I instantly stopped the vid at the Mario Badescu product, it instantly screamed >romanian name< to me and i was happy to learn it was such <3./end of rumbling. Lovely vid and as most have noted very pleasing visuals 😀

  17. Me: sees one eye in the beginning
    Me: thinks omg illuminati

  18. loved this video so much! i'm really impressed with how your skin is coming along – all your hard work and dedication to your skin is definitely paying off! do you find the serum provides enough moisture for the day time? if so, do you use a richer moisturizer at night?

  19. I love the cinematic aspect of your videos. Everyone should aspire to produce quality content like yours.

  20. I just absolutely love watching you. you rock

  21. I feel like I'm watching one of those beautiful & elegant commercials

  22. I'm amazed by how you transformed you skin

  23. The quality of this video left me speechless!! This is beyond just a morning routine- it's art!! Thank you for such a beautiful video ?

  24. I've been a long time subscriber of yous and this is top tier video content for youtube. You've gotten to a new level of videography and its amazing! Keep it up.

  25. Thanks for the video, it made me feel better. My turtle just died and I've been feeling a little down.

  26. I loved it! So aesthetic <3 btw, what's the name of the song? It was so calming!

  27. Your videos are always so soothing too watch srly

  28. i didnt find the music,please share the link.its so soothing

  29. wow you have an amazing skin ★■★

  30. This was so pure, so fresh, so beautiful AHH!! I love you Rachel.

  31. It's like falling asleep on a rainy night ❤️

  32. Your editing amaze me every time. So creative, original and visually stunning. You look so pretty Rachel!

  33. This is a great video. Although I recommend I use the serum before the sunscreen, unless you have a different reason for using it after.

  34. I love how your recent videos have a cinematic ratio ❤️

  35. I watch these videos since the beginning, or at least when the number of suscribers was something like 10 000. Beautiful videos, aestetics.. but i'm confused about the person. You seem very angry on the comments if something bothers you, luckily, I watch the videos for aestetics nos content or for the comments .. but .. anyway.. that's strange. I never post comments but since i'm a pretty old subscriber, i wanted to givre my impression.

  36. I'm in love with your editing!!!?I have a question…how are you going to treat your deep acne scars?thanks and love youuu

  37. So sorry if this has already been asked but what kind of plant is that?
    Love your videos girl. X

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