Cut Crease Tutorial – Using Affordable Makeup!

This video is NOT sponsored. Besides that, I will NEVER do a paid promotion on a product which I don’t truly love! Love you guys! ♡ ♡


  • ⇢ MAC Soft Ocher Paint pot
  • ⇢ BOCAJ Beauty lashes in the style ANGEL by my amazing friend @Andthatsjacob on Instagram!!
  • ⇢ NYX Cosmetics Ultimate eyeshadow palette in Warm neutral
  • ⇢ NYX Cosmetics love you so mochi Sleek and chic palette
  • ⇢ Nyx Cosmetics in your element shadow palette fire
  • ⇢ theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Trimony eye palette used the black eyeshadow to intensify the outer V and lower lash line in the outer corner.
  • ⇢ NYX Cosmetics HD Concealer
  • ⇢ Sigma Beauty wicked gel eyeliner
  • ⇢ NYX Cosmetics liquid eyeliner
  • ⇢ Zoeva nude pencil in the waterline
  • ⇢ NYX Cosmetics worth the hype mascara


  1. Ugh this is why I love you. I have the element palette and haven't used it in a while because I lost motivation in it but now I'm going to try to copy this look. Thank you

  2. من عراق منوره روعه المكياج

  3. This look is so STUNNING! ?? An, you're so TALENTED!! ?

  4. honestly i think you’re the best at makeup out of all these people. I mean girlll look at you, you’re gorgeous and your makeup skills are on point.

  5. Você é muito talentosa???

  6. Love that this is mainly cruelty-free makeup.

  7. Super grappig mijn achternaam is knook!?

  8. I totally love your eye makeup. It’s absolutely gorgeous ?

  9. I would love to watch a start to finish video without editing away the blending so I can follow along & do mine with you. I am not suggesting that all should be that way, but it would be awesome if you did make a video of an eyelook in realtime every now and then!

    Do you have the blending unedited in any of your older videos?

    Anyhow, your makeup looks are always stunning! I love watching your creations. They inspire me to try new things with my eye makeup.

  10. Definitely loving this shade!

  11. Bien chilorio????????????


  13. Wow, this gorgeous as usual. Love these colors. Very different but beautiful. Definitely our of your comfort zone, lol.

  14. you are so talented !!! i hope one day my channel get that far ?

  15. So beautiful!!! I love the combination of colors!!! Hope to become amazing at cut crease like you one day!! ?

  16. Love this !!! I also loved the green shadow for something different and it definitely made a statement!

  17. you're amazing! thank you for the inspirations <3

  18. love it? you are so talented Ann?

  19. I Love these colors. I'm too old for the bold colors but I can still do this with a softer pallet. Very Pretty ?

  20. Ist the us palette like 30 dollars? I don't think that's very affordable it's not like Anastasia too faced or tarte but it's still high for alot of people, but I love your look girl your looks are the best ? ya #notifacationsquad

  21. that is so pretty and the colours all go se well together.

  22. Damn! Such sexy and gorgeous look! ??

  23. الله كولش حلو اني من العراق

  24. I am DECEASED after watching this look! It’s absolutely stunning!!

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