Cute Argyle Nail Art


  1. Hey Cute Polish were do u find stripers?????????

  2. Cute polish my mom loves seeing ur vídeos??

  3. you should do the no thumbs nail polish challenge

  4. I can't wait to try some of these designs out. 🙂

  5. u should make a video giving us tips on how to design with our non-dominate hand because i always mess up my deigns

  6. xD you don't realize how creative the girls are till you watch how they do makeup :p

  7. For the white lines you can just do a hashtag XD

  8. Ahhh this was my very first video that I watched from you!!! LOL you've come so far and its amazing to see how your channel has grown! XOXO <3

  9. what the diff between top coat and base coat? 

  10. I thought it was a very creative way to make a stripper, but I really don't want to go around cutting my nail polish brushes. I really did like the idea though.

  11. I don't have base coat so can I use a top coat as a base coat sorry if might sound confusing SOMEONE please reply

  12. u can use tape strips to make the lines! if u want! – 

  13. Dear cutepolish, Please let me win the easter giveaway 🙁 I love you so much but I never get that much nail polish because we aren't rich.. I love doing my nails so much especially your nail designs.. Its so nice for you to do this because maybe you know some people who don't get enough money to buy a lot of polishes.. Thank you for taking your time to read this! Love, Nicole P.S. I am also Canadian!! 😀 I really want the sheer tints! Thank you thank you thank you!

  14. please post some short vids on IG

  15. I have a doubt…why do we have to put base coat???

  16. Love the look and how easy it is..

  17. Thank u so much I did this on my nails and it's so pretty I follow you on Instagram my name is @brees_weird_15

  18. What's that slamming noise in the background love your designs =D

  19. Super cute …… I wish I was that talented 🙂

  20. I love this nail art it's AWESOME

  21. I've got my socks on, I've got my socks on, I've got my argyle socks on! -Shaytards!

  22. here is a random fact 4 u all. never get new york colors topcoat! it cracks after 1 day! random fyi 4 ya lol

  23. i got my socks on, i got my socks on, i got my  arl-gle socks on       -shay tards veiwer 🙂

  24. When you do it its perfect when I do it its a mess

  25. can u do more tutorials for short nails please?

  26. How do you do for your cuticles? This is perfect!

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