Cute Blueberry Nail Art

I absolutely LOVE blueberries. They remind me of the summertime so much! One of my favorite activities to do in the summer is to pick blueberries and then bake them into my “blueberry crunch” dessert! Super easy to make and perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream… Mmmm


  1. Do you work at a nail salon? bc that's the only reason I can come up with for how awesomely u do ur nails!!

  2. cutepolish where did you get your fitting. Tools PLZ ANSWER I'm just a beginner and have seen all of your videos

  3. this is one of my favorite designs I love love love this one you have a good eye for nail art and I am such a big fan I am going to practice this until I get it right:) does anyone know where I can buy stripers??? I have some nail brushes but they are not good to use for thin lines thanx

  4. Its cool at the end wen u say "add a top coat to protect yr design and add a beautiful shine!!"

  5. Why, do you want your nails to fall off?

  6. Justin Bieber nails!

  7. Will you please do a mango please la

  8. lots of people can do nails neatly, but what i dont understand is how you do it so fast. like seriously it takes you like three seconds. how.

  9. Do u use a voice modifier and can we see ur face? Its ok if u don't wanna put u seem like u would be so beautiful…

  10. Do you really talk like this? Can we see your face?!?

  11. that is not fair can u do my nails plase <3

  12. thats a verry nice and cute design! thank you

  13. It looks great! Also on my nails 😉 Never thought before that I can polish my nails like that 😀

  14. where do you get a dotting tool?

  15. Until you have to paint your right hand…

  16. I think she should do a video of all her nail polishes…that would be a long video

  17. This is so cool!I just got finished doing this on my nails and it came out Amazing!Thx for the tutorial:D

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