Cute & Easy: Lady Bug Nail Art


  1. I loved this. You didn't ramble on about which products you used, which is really good 🙂

  2. Ahmad ىبطفصلجفققسفثغ

  3. Ahmad ىبطفصلجفققسفثغ

  4. I would like you too paint a pretty little lairs thing

  5. I think it works ok for short nails

  6. Omg this and the panda one are so much cuter than the checkered on I'm going to do the lady bird one from my Valentine's Day disco maybe :kaitlyn

  7. Can you show me how to make your nails look like smiley faces the ladybug tutorial was awesome it sucks i don't have white nail polish thank you  

  8. It is super easy I love it?????

  9. I did this. I would show you but I don't have a facebook or instagram.

  10. I'm doing it with yellow and pink and I made a striper and a dotting tool with your videos!

  11. i did it and it looks fabulous 

  12. did them now! came out really well…all my friends praised it

  13. This design is good for s summer so doing this

  14. I am going to use this for my Halloween costume this year 🙂

  15. I'm going to be a ladybug for Halloween this year, and I'm going to be doing this for sure!!1 Thanks for the cute video!!!!! 🙂

  16. simple easy $ made in few min. also i like it bcz red black is my favourite colors

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