Cute & Easy Panda Nail Art


  1. This was the first design I ever tried from you ?

  2. She makes such beautiful designs. And she is really good at it.

  3. i can do this for the WWF DAY.?

  4. How adorable are these nails!! i wish i can have something like that cause well….
    i'm still young for those.. 🙁 i'm 11

  5. This is so cute ?

  6. when you have short ass nails and your watching nail art videos that has long nails:')

  7. My left hand (less dominate)looks like Pandas, my right hand(dominate) look like Racoons…darn it !

  8. I like her cats god damit auto correct LET ME FINISH MY GOD DAMN SENTENCE!!!!!!

  9. you are the worlds best nail artist i love your nail a lot you inspire me cause if i give up on my nails i think of you # cutepolish # love # nails

  10. lindo el osito aprendiaserlo gracias

  11. I wish i could do that perfectly to my nails just like her nails in video.

  12. I love the nails art because when I grow up I want to do that ok and like this

  13. This cute panda design is perfect for my niece. She is a nail addict and loves nail art.

  14. So cute ? i test on my friend

  15. I love your designs very much.Will u please give me a tutorial on how to draw chess pieces on your nail.☺☺☺☺☺

  16. You done are really good job and it is really cute

  17. How about make a cute froggy like this

  18. um if i would put a base color in the back of the panda ……what color would you chose?

  19. Hey cutepolish I love this design and I was wondering if you have and videos for weddings cause I'm going to one

  20. These are so adorable, pandas are amazing and right now I'm re doing these every time they start coming off cause I love them☺️

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