Cute Pastel Spring Polka Dot Nail Art

CUTE PASTEL SPRING COLOR BLOCKING POLKA DOT NAIL ART! Enjoy, thanks for watching and please SHARE! 🙂

Products used:

  • JinSoon – Power Coat Base Coat
  • Sally Hansen – Diamond Flash Top Coat
  • NCLA – Like..Totally Valley Girl
  • NCLA – Santa Monica Short Thing
  • NCLA – Tennis Anyone?
  • Butter London – Molly Coddled
  • Nicole by OPI – Yoga-Then-Yogurt


  1. I painted my nails the exact same color and way that you did. The only difference is that I didn't do the white dots. I used striping tape for the divider. Looks sooo awesome. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Adorable!!! I love your videos, they are so simple and easy!!! They are all so cute!!! ????

  3. i saw this video and then i decide to watch more video of yours bcoz its soo simple i hope the other video will be as simple as this one 

  4. Can you do a dachshund nail art design?

  5. Really cute! I may need to try this! Does it have to be painter's tape?

  6. Really cute and easy! I will do it in my nails 😀

  7. Your work is amazing and so effortless! Love it! 🙂

  8. not photo,is video.sorry!I am 食sorry about it!

  9. I know that how to make the new nail when I see your icon because I always watch your video.You always use the same ways to make your nail but don't worried,this is just what I want to say it,I still like your photo.

  10. I am a new registered!!!your nail art are very very lovely and beautiful!!♥♥

  11. You always have the best nail art designs. ?

  12. What is the type of tape you used in the video? What would you recommend if I don't have that tape at home? 

  13. You stole this from cutepolish

  14. Super cute ! ♡ I really want to try this out. Does it have to be painters tape or does regular tape work out the same ?

    With love Wendy ♥

  15. I love it and im soo gona try this

  16. Sooo prettty i loved it !! It was simple yet beautiful !! Good job! <3

  17. aw this is adorable love it 🙂 you should do frozen nails!!!

  18. its very neat and cute. gonna try this one out.

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