Cute Watermelon Nail Art

❤ Looking for a cute design? Try this watermelon accent manicure for a sweet look! The polishes I used are, ‘Prince Char-mint’, ‘Get Mod’, ‘Smartease’, and ‘Blacky O’, all from Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel line!

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  1. супер все теперь жду летааа))

  2. question: do you have to apply the top coat between each color application?

    i have a few of the miracle gel polishes and they take forever to dry without the top coat. makes doing nail-art SUPER long…

  3. What's the name of the tool you apply the dots?

  4. Hannah I've been thinking if I should do nail tutorials on my channel but I've had struggles do u have any tip for making videos and for getting more subscribers ? xoxo
    – Gabriela Lopez

  5. I lovd your videos! Always short and at the object.

  6. Your nail shape is really beautiful. : ) Do you have video on doing nail manicure? Thank you.

  7. arrasou! lindo demais!!!!??✌?

  8. Hannah, you really deserve more subs, like 20X haha ur nails are the best!

  9. You are my absolute favorite nail artist! All your designs are so cute ❤️

  10. Love it!? I think I'm going to do it on my nails today??

  11. so cute and simple just like I like it TFS??

  12. it wud look even more amazing if there was a Matt topcoat

  13. ??????????????i realy love it

  14. I did the design! +HannahRoxNails

  15. I love this so much!!! You're so talented, Hannah! 😀

  16. SOOOOOOO CUTE!:)I love your work!

  17. So pretty, love those colors! 🙂

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