Cute Without Trying Second Day Hair!

Hope you guys like the random super crazy easy video! I wanted to throw in something for everyday before Prom-a-thon starts! Sorry if I missed anyone’s prom! I always encourage you to look through my video library at things I’ve done tutorials on in the past 😀

Thanks for watching! 😀


  1. You're amazing and your videos are fabulous! <3

  2. Your hair is actually gorgeous? 

  3. First time watching your videos & I love it!

  4. You're unreasonably beautiful!!!!!!! Love this video!!!!

  5. Can you do this?
    twistmepretty. com /2013/ 03/ celtic-knot-tutorial .html

  6. How did you curl your hair in the first hairstyle? I LOVE it!!

  7. it means like second day without washing your hair

  8. U look like lindsey lohan! Compliment cuz shes pretty too

  9. Hey…when I was a child my dad did my hair as well and I've always treasured those moments. Even now that I am adult they are some of my fondest memories. <3 I know you don't think much of it because you are a single dad and just doing what you think you should. However, that means a lot! Even when she is older, I can promise she will feel like I do and feel blessed she had a daddy that did that for her. Small things count! You are a great dad.

  10. Thank you very much for all of your work !!!!


  12. You look like Lindsay lohan but prettier

  13. You're a great dad. I'm sure she will appreciate it 🙂

  14. Hi,

    I really like lots of your tutorials 🙂 Thanks so much for having channels – I'm taking cosmo, and I need to practice on thin hair – actually my own. Um…I have thin hair. Blonde. Its harder to do things on my hair cuz i don't have as much and its not as thick. I was wondering if you could do some tutorials on a model with thin blonde hair. Forsure one on backcombing for everyday.

    This would really be awesome, Hope you're having a great summer.


  15. I tried all these hairstyles it works

  16. You look like Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan. e_e

  17. Thanks for the tip about layered hair for fishtails!!

  18. How do you get so much texture in your hair ? Or is it naturally like the

  19. She is picking up new hair from the top only. Look up lace braid.

  20. a wide-tooth comb and some detangling spray 🙂

  21. ok got one problem here,I can do that deutch braid but it just keeps going downwards,I can't make the direction right I mean I can not give the right angle,it seems so silly,I watched this over and over again still couldn't find what I did wrong :S

  22. I love the colors of you're hair 🙂 please tell me the colors of hair dye you have on.. Please!

  23. So cute! My second day hair is super wavy so I love how my hair has texture so it will help with the messier look to the hairstyle 🙂

  24. You're so cute!
    Check out my GERMAN Channel! <3

  25. I love how thick your hair is! My hair is thin and my braid isn't as big as yours but I adore all three looks 🙂

  26. do you have a video how to make a deutch braid?

  27. Hi! I adore your hairstyles, and I really want to try these because they seem so simple! I was just wondering what do you tease your hair with? Is it a specific teasing comb or just any? I don't have one yet, and I should probably get one haha

  28. How you make this curl ? :O Beautiful 🙂

  29. You remind me of Madeline Carroll 🙂

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