Cutest MOHAWK BRAID You’ve Ever Seen! Easy Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair

In today’s hairstyle tutorial, I’m going to show you how to do a cute, French braid into a voluminous Pull-Through Mohawk Braid hairstyle, for short, long or medium length hair.

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This is a romantic plait that can be worn as a casual everyday hairstyle, or as a fancy occasion half up, half down updo; prom, weddings, homecoming.

What other cute hairstyles should we do this summer, let me know down below. Want more updos, braids, messy buns, half-up, half-down updos, or more school hairstyles?

In this, step-by-step, hair tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to French braid your own hair, and how to create a big & messy, (backward) Pull-Through Braid in 5 minutes. Although I’m wearing my hair extensions in this video, you can do this without them.

Elegant and voluminous, messy ponytail braid hairstyles can be done on straight, curly or layered hair, and it’ll flatter every facial shape, whether your face is round, square or oval.

Today’s popular braid is also known as the pull-through plaits or the stacked ponytails.


  1. I can hardly do one braid on my hair i only know how to burn my hair ?????not braid

  2. i love this hairstyle!! its totally incredible

  3. it looks so gorgeous and easy on you.

  4. you 're videos amazingg and you re soo cutee girl

  5. i like ur every thing ur nail polish ur dressing ur braslates and hairstyles too

  6. is it necessary to use hair extensions, or is it possible to pull of this hairstyle without?☺

  7. OH WOW, can't wait to try this Hairstyle! thank you for the inspiration!!!
    but, you seem to have a lot of hair…so full and voluminous! does this also work for me with not so much, straight and fine hair?

    …anyway! need to try this! otherwise i can create this hairstyle on my besties head, she'd love it too i'm sure of it! =D hahaha

  8. this is ridiculously beautiful and seems so easy to do! for sure doing this for tonight's night out

  9. hey beautiful.. u look lovely after this hairstyle.. its looks awsome … loved it..

  10. You do absolutely amazing hair ???

  11. so cute hairstyle… luv it so much..!!

  12. Could you just Dutch braid the ponytail and pull at the sides because it's really hard to do a pull though braid on my hair

  13. oh my gosh, I love this so much! I was going to do a mowhawk ponytail tomorrow, but glad I checked your channel for last minute ideas, I'm definitely doing this!!

  14. ohhh you're inspiration! I dream to be like you and have some much hair ??? you're tutorials are best of the best ! Wish to have that hairstyle for St. Valantine buuuuut may I won't manage ?

  15. you always amaze me.look like Princes

  16. This HAIRSTYLE is so cute.I would like to do this in few time & thanks for make easy 4 us.LOVE U

  17. Hi Tina, I love your tutorials, they are so much fun to watch. I wanted to request if you could possibly do a tutorial on a simple french/dutch braid. Thank you.

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