Today I am doing the shopping challenge 2017 ! outfit challenge ! My dad buys me 3 OUTFITS – 1 date night outfit, 1 girls night out outfit and 1 casual everyday outfit! CRINGY ! Hope you enjoy! hehe


  1. Happy Friday loves!! First I want to say a huge thank you to my dad for being in this video for me! Seriously best dad ever! I had so much fun making this with him! I have been seeing a ton of these go around with boyfriends so I thought I would do a twist and get my dad to buy his daughter outfits 😉 haha hope you all got a laugh! and don't forget to rate the outfits 😉 HAHA! PS. if you go over right now to my instagram:@nicolettaxoyt follow and comment on my latest post I will SPAM you as long as you are not private!!

  2. For the firs outfit the shirt would look great with jeans

  3. For the 2 one was a 10 cuz it was pretty

  4. First outfit ~ 2/10
    Second outfit ~ 9/10
    Third outfit ~ 10/10 ( 1 = really bad,, 10 = I love it and I want it ?) loved this xxx

  5. Outfit number one is actually cute ??

  6. "I thought it would be fun and different, I haven't seen a video where their dad buys their outfit" ha literally everybody is doing this

  7. Causal :3 /10
    Girls night out :8/10
    Date night :8/10

  8. Haha I'm Greek too! And I call my dad "Baba" too?

  9. Love the last outfit the shirt and the shoes are really cute and the jeans fit nice. ?

  10. U make amazing video on YouTube and I love ❤️ the way u editor ur video on YouTube and I love ❤️ watching ur video on YouTube

  11. You should do this with your mom except this time she films you shopping and you buy three outfits for her!!!! I think that would be super fun! Also, I loved this video

  12. Your Dad did great on the second outfit. No way my Dad would have ever picked that dress!

  13. 1: as an outfit.. 2/10 separate pieces… 7/10
    2: as an outfit… 6/10 separate pieces… 7/10
    3: as an outfit… 8/10 separate pieces… 8/10

  14. I rate this video a big fat 0 for this

  15. She went with him that's not what your supposed to do youuuu suckkkkkk assssss?

  16. You two are so cute ? And I really really really really really Like You nicoletta ? For me You are the best Youtuber of the worldd ❤❤❤

  17. A French fashion tip is if the skirt or dress is above the knee, wear flats. If it is below, wear heels. ?????

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