Daenerys Season 7 Hairstyle Tutorial

Here’s a hairstyle tutorial on Daenerys Targaryen’s hair from the game of thrones season 7 trailer!
Once I saw the trailer and could for once clearly see the full hairstyle before the show, I knew I had to do a how to on this half up half down braided hair style! This member of the house of targaryen never fails when it comes to hairstyle inspo. I hope you guys enjoy Game of Thrones season 7 premiere! Once it launches, if you want tutorials on any more of the ladies. let me know on social! All my pages are listed below!

★Costume Details:★

  • Jacket: Thrift store
  • Cape: A curtain folded multiple times at one end and sewed to the jacket
  • Chain: This awesome etsy store The chain I got was “Byzantine Chain Maille”
  • Dragon Head: Okay, this one is crazy. This soap from Etsy , sealed. Painted silver with dark glaze, and attached to the jacket via wires run through the middle and sewn to the jacket.
  • Wig: Was the most tangly thing I have ever experienced 0/10 do not recommend.

I don’t do cosplay super well so this was the most janky of DIYs ever, but it worked out!


  1. Have you noticed? Every time Dany wins a significant victory she adds a braid.

  2. stop pushing game of thrones it is very evil

  3. How do you glue in your wigs??
    Can you make a Video on them???
    Love you ❤️?

  4. Where did you get the wig??

  5. Hey, I LOVE your videos and was wondering if you could do some hair styles from Once Upon a Time especially some of the Evil Queens

  6. My hair is so fine that my braids looked like baby braids and I couldn't continue x'DDD ?

  7. We love Dannys hairstyles. Good job recreating them. Thanks.

  8. please, even if the wig is not really cool, where did you get it?? please please please :'3

  9. What a cool idea you had to do this

  10. Wonderful tutorial!
    That wig is amazing!

  11. I know that this request maybe far from your hairstyle videos but can you please try your take on Diana Damrau's queen of the night hairstyle? I need a tutorial on that because my classmates and i are going to perform the queen of the night. Thank you!! <3

  12. the problem with trying to have these kinds of hairstyles for a daily use is there isn't much hair left after two braids 🙁

  13. Her arms must have been TIRED

  14. i LOVE this tutorial omg i wanna wear this to school ahahha

  15. Can you leave us a link or let us know where you got your wig. We are eager to know regardless of the tangles!! (:

  16. Can you please tell us where did you buy the wig? I don't care if you don't recommend it, i really want to give it a try.

  17. I really doubt I'd ever get enough hair for this lol

  18. Where did you buy that dragon chain from? Please send me the link

  19. Can you please do the other hairstyle of Daenerys Season 7? (We can see it in episode 4 and 5) ?

  20. Holy dope I'm gonna try this. I've always been Daenerys's fan. 🙂

  21. Can you do the hunger games costoum????✌?

  22. More GOT hair tutorials please! ??? love your tutorials, keep up the good work gurl! ❤️

  23. You look beautiful like Emilia Clarke in her character!!! Congratulations for your costume you look very very beautiful!!!

  24. nothing more atractive then a woman with long decorated hair.

  25. Sexy dangerous awesome ?

  26. pleaaase do s7 sansas hair it's amazing

  27. can you add her hairstyle at dragon stone ?

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