Dance Cardio Boot Camp From Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Trainer | Class FitSugar

This booty-shaking cardio dance boot camp from Jenna Dewan Tatum’s trainer JJ Dancer is the most fun way to burn calories and tone your booty

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  1. I felt like the whitest white girl doing this video! lol. Lots of fun thought.

  2. I am never able to follow and keep up because we are not instructed, it's too spontaneous to catch up. First few seconds before each round must be spent on explaining the step as I feel lost. And then I would simply hit return button. Thanks

  3. i just started working out again and i wasn't perfect at all the steps and moves but i did videos and i honestly was having so much fun with it i wanted to do more. i cant wait to do some more tomorrow

  4. best workout ever i'm so in love with the positive energy and routine great fun and vibes. love her so much xxx

  5. great workout. One of POPSUGAR's best! I love JJ

  6. oh my , we start with Fresh Prince moves 😀 !!!!

  7. Loveee ittt

  8. Whoever disliked this video doesn’t have rhythm….

  9. bwahahhaha. the white girl. that's me any time i dance ever.

  10. this is one of my favorite pop sugar work outs for sure. I do it at least twice a week. Thank youuuuu!

  11. I love this workout, she’s hot, she makes me feel sexy while working out. #Bomb

  12. Too much stress .. Actually make people fat .. That includes vicourous .. Too vicourous like this .. Excersize .. Stop fooling people… That's why you guys are really not thin .. Built like small men!!!

  13. loved it!!,, awesome workout I did my own version lol because I couldn't quite get the moves right 🙂

  14. I love jjdancer's workout! they make me want to workout!

  15. I have no rhythm, but I still had fun doing this routine!

  16. Super fun routine! I was sweating my butt off! Definitely will continue to do this one!

  17. You got it wrong tho..homegirl on the right is the "modified" disrespect, just..YEAH!

  18. Whoo! This was very fun! She was smooth from the START to the FINISH! The back-up dancers was good too. The guy dances better than me, lol! I like him! You go boy! Oh, I love the two girls' hairstyles..too cute!

  19. Oh btw! I workout while watching your video! It's make me so sweating!

  20. Tbh I have no word for u. You r so amazing! Your movement and your confidence just so WOW. u r really inspiring me

  21. She's makes that look fun ???

  22. Anna, your abs in this video!!!!! OMG!!!

  23. Very nice

    Background music name please??

  24. I'm sweating so hard! Love it!

  25. JJ needs to be on here more! She one of my fav!

  26. Thank god there wasn't a video recording of me doing this! It's a great workout, super fun but also very hard for me- someone just trying to get back into shape again… and also im not a professional dancer so my moves dont look 1/2 as good. I aspire to look as great as her when she moves that way! Get it girl 🙂

  27. Wild burpee appears!

    jogs in place

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