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  3. I would be so sad if I had to take this miracle off. I wish you went somewhere after filming this

  4. The overall look is gorgeous. I love the greens and blue smoked out look! This is not an every day look, but it sure is mesmerizing. So many negative comments on the palettes but still wanting to try them out. Not like I haven't tossed pallettes before! These may need some help, but the price is generous and the looks you get are worth a try. I watch the videos for inspiration and ideas. I don't watch them to judge the character of a person. If I like what I see then I stay, if I don't then I leave. Thank you for uploading another video. I appreciate it!

  5. You talked to my girl Oh Abbi!! OMG I cant believe it..sooo excited for her and I absolutely LOVE the vault collection I just got!!! Cant wait to play with it some more

  6. that blurring filter is killing my eyes

  7. I will never buy anything morphe because of how much Jaclyn has to convince us to buy it.
    Don’t forget her Kim k collab and mentioning the morphe sponge??

  8. I normally don’t mind back drops but for some reason the white seems very clinical and like it was done in a professional studio, love it when it seems like we are right in the room with you and getting ready together

  9. When u started saying that not all we see is real with ur married life befofe …ive lost my trust n confidence in you… its all a lie that u care for your fans…ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

  10. Wow! At 6:07 it cuts from her starting with Trickery to finished both eyes in 3-4 seconds. WTF?

  11. The palettes are crap… don’t say you fixed the product when y’all didn’t. I can’t even get ahold of customer service. It’s ridiculous

  12. How negative and toxic the comment section is.. everyone „constructively“ complaining about something. Stop the drama, people.

  13. Yes queen the look is bbbooommbbb

  14. The inspiration✨ gotta try this look with my palette now!!!

  15. why is the top of her hairline blurry? it was bugging me the whole video

  16. omg idk what's wrong with her face..

  17. Are the brushes cruelty free???

  18. Only God knows what is going on i feel lost lol the comment section, the speculations, the drama ugh -_-

  19. Dang girl, such an awesome look, love it ❤️❤️ can you please do my makeup once? ?

  20. It’s all about the money to you now, isn’t it Jaclyn? The ONLY time you post a video is when you have a product to sell. I used to adore your videos, when they were real, and honest. Now it’s all about Morphe, your code, and your patchy shadows that even you can’t blend. You’re just as shady as Manny and Laura, as far as I’m concerned.

  21. Can we just take a moment to realize how many times she said “nice and tight”????

  22. Holey Shit! This is Stunning!!!!!!!!

  23. i like the white back drop, it gives off a clean sharp look. but i much prefer your usual back grounds or your desk. i don’t know if it’s just me but the white is kinda messing with my eyes, like i feel like the camera isn’t always focused on your face… with the white back drop.

  24. It turned out GREAT! As a ginger I need to do this. ? thanks JH ?

  25. Love the look girl and sooo proud of what you have acheived with all your collabs with morphe ! But sorry babe you need to slow down with the fillers ,i know that its everyones choice to change the way they look but i feel you looked so much better without them and i feel like thats all i could focus on instead of the beautiful look you were doing

  26. Hey gurl this video is not $60,000 worth.

  27. you know it’s bad when jaclyn hill tries to make her own palette work and can’t at all

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