Dark Phoenix Hair Color

I lightened/bleached Alissa’s hair while I am coloring it. How many of you have tried this method? I am loving her neon hair color!


  1. hi guy tang I harshita I'm an Indian I'm of 20 but this doesn't matter I know but I'm urs big big fan I watched urs and Micky's all videos and lots more and u r amazing artist I love to do experimenting with my hair's it lovely Its my dream that that I come and u do experiment on my hair but I said u why not u try ur texures on some Indian models plz

  2. I would kill to let him do my hair ???

  3. I can’t breathe! When the affects come out! Astonish me! Hell beautiful!

  4. I wish I could dye my hair like that

  5. The pink side is better but the eye makeup on the right goes better with the blue

  6. I'm loving this hair color would love to do this on my hair

  7. Fashion colors need to be allowed at jobs. It’s so dumb that they aren’t. I have an ombré with hot pink and I just plan to hide it with a fake ponytail

  8. Fabulous! Guy, you are a magician! Love! Love! Love!

  9. Nature is the best inspiration ??

  10. i love the colors where do u live so i can get my hair dye my hair that color?

  11. I want to do fun colours in my hair, but my mom has an extreme PBD allergy, and if you didn't know, those can be genetic. But my mom got me some blue temporary dye and I'm gonna try out a small piece of my hair to see if I react, though the packaging doesn't say it has PBD, so maybe I'll be lucky. 🙂

  12. I want u to do my hair so badly!!!!!

  13. I would love dark pink fading to baby pink ???

  14. Guy Tang when you test the colors on your skin how hard is it to wash off?

  15. I know here shr is the sister of half sisters mom

  16. you should look into doing naomi jons hair!! i love her so much??
    like if you agree

  17. I wish we could see this done on somebody with shorter hair. Looks gorgeous as usual though!

  18. OMG after makeup she's like an awesome hot anime character.
    I wish makeup can do that to me.
    I'm basic both ways.
    I would automatically trust her as a client with this hair lol

  19. Ugh come to oregon…ik its a place no one comes to but still

  20. how do you curl the hair that way?

  21. Fucking gorgeous and amazing!

  22. Круто! Очень круто! Так хочется перевод на русском )))

  23. His work is honestly amazing, the hair looks soo cool and pretty

  24. This is definitely what colour I want to go with next. ♥

  25. I have natural blonde hair and decided to go with black hair 🙂 huge change lol

  26. I get teased by many sheeple for using bright colors on my hair. I'm a natural strawberry blonde, but I like to dye my hair raspberry red, pink or purple. My friends like me because I have a unique quirky personality & I like my hair to match. I'm a poet & a writer. I believe that most creative types love dying their hair with unique colors.

  27. I always feel like "dark blonde" is just…brown

  28. I will love you come to Maryland and do that to my hair I love it!!!!!!?????

  29. Gorgeous! Looks like fire when she shakes it.

  30. Am I the only one that thinks guys eyes look really cool

  31. I would love for him to do my hair but its to far away

  32. how can I get this same look with beauty supply store colors ??

  33. I love your videos and my b-day is the same as yours

  34. ive always wanted purple hair, but I work in fast food and don't want to lose my job. my hair is a dirty blonde mix, I take browns dark browns, and light browns from my mom and blondes from my dad. people always ant my hair

  35. how much does he change to due your hair I've been researching and I found nothing????

  36. I'm a natural dark blond and I want my hair dyed but, my dad is evil and said I couldn't get it bleached so what color would look good for a dark blond

  37. I want this hair so bad. Something says this is not a DIY product.

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