Day 7: Ease Back Pain | Yoga Essential Flow

Yoga as a practice teaches us good posture through grounding poses like mountain pose, tree pose or downward facing dog pose. These grounding poses when combined with twists help us maintain a flexible yet strong spine and can also help ease back pain or discomfort. Repeat this 15-minute yoga flow once a week to keep your spine youthful and prevent postural injuries. Thank you for watching! If you enjoy our yoga flows and exercise programs, please leave a comment below, give this video a Share! ?

Yoga Poses:

  • mountain pose
  • tree pose
  • warrior III pose
  • warrior I pose
  • revolved side angle pose
  • wide legged forward bend pose
  • plank pose
  • downward facing dog pose
  • cat pose
  • cow pose
  • child’s pose
  • locust pose
  • seated forward bend pose
  • fish pose
  • plow pose
  • bridge pose
  • happy baby pose
  • supine spinal twist
  • corpse pose

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