Day To Night Multi Braid Hairstyle


  1. I tried this style this morning, but I couldn't get the first part to stay in tight. Any suggestions?

  2. I am definitely going to be wearing this to universal tomorrow! It looks like a great way to put my hair up for all of the rides!

  3. i love your channel you are the best ,btw  you are sooo pretty 

  4. He Kayley,
    You inspired me so much,
    but i do have a question about the first part of this braid. are you braiding over or under the middel. I could see it in the movie. I'm sorry for my Englis i know its not good. I hope you understand what i'm asking you.

    I love your videos and i can't to see more, in mean time i'll hope that my will grow longer.

    i'm waiting for your new video

  5. OOHHHHHHHH love love love it!!!

  6. ss Could you do a video of hairstyles using scrunchies?? (Like 90s style)

  7. I love your channel and all the interesting ways to style my hair everyday! I also love the 3 different necklace you wear on this video, where did you get them?

  8. please make a big finger waves hair tutorial.. thanks!

  9. I love your hairstyles. You ispire me a lot. I would like to see a back to school make up tutorial. It would be really helpful.

  10. I love your hairstyles and you've thought me everything I know! Would you consider doing a Lagertha tutorial from the history channels show "Vikings". She's had some amazing styles and I would really appreciate it if you would help me out 🙂 thank you!

  11. Hi guys! We just started our youtube channel where we will post fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspired videos! Please subscribe and leave a comment on our video what you would like to see! Love, TheBlondiBeach

  12. Can you please please do a video on repairing damaged hair? Love your hair!

  13. You look like Kristen Stewart here !

  14. You look like Kristen Stewart here !

  15. Prettt hairstyle, looks easy but is really hard (for me) ugh. I need more practice I absolutely love this hairstyle.

  16. Prettt hairstyle, looks easy but is really hard (for me) ugh. I need more practice I absolutely love this hairstyle.

  17. Please do some quick make up tutorial… 🙂 I need some inspiration!!

  18. Thank you for reuploading! Had a lot of problems with playback that day. Such a pretty hairstyle. (: <3

  19. I totally stretch my arms like that too. Lol. Braiding is hard work!

  20. I still can't watch. Playback error ….

  21. Am i the only that her arms never get tired???

  22. Your hair used to be so soft and silky looking.

  23. Whoa! You got muscles, maybe from all your hair vids lol. 🙂

  24. Wore this yesterday, nice for keeping your hair out of your face 🙂

  25. Re-liked it!

    Loved all the hairstyles!

    Perhaps some "back to the office" hairstyles next?

  26. Beautiful and unique, never seen anything like this. Thank you !:)

  27. Love this style. You took 3 simple styles combined them and made them our own. Very pretty and unique. Will definitely be recreating this!

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