Daytime Glam – Soft Smokey Cat Eye | Jaclyn Hill

I’m loving this daytime glam soft smokey cat eye makeup look! Comment down below if you are loving this tutorial and any suggestions on other makeup looks I should do next!

Makeup Geek Tiki Hut
Anastasia Burnt Orange

Kat Von D Palette

Loreal Voluminous Mascara

Flutter Lashes “Kim” Lash
Becca Luminous Primer
Josie Maran Foundation
Urban Decay Concealer
Anastasia Brow Definer
RCMA No Color Powder
MAC Give Me Sun Bronzer
Champagne Collection Face Palette

Becca Wild Honey Blush
Kevyn Aucoin Mascara
Nars Chelsea Girls Lip Gloss
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
MAC Fix Plus


  1. I love you so much @jaclynHill just binge watching all of your makeup looks

  2. jaclyn thank u for the morphe palette.. we can do all your looks with just the palette.. love you ❤️

  3. you need to do a makeup tutorial/makeover with one of your subscribers.

  4. This video made me a subscriber. The bloopers cracked me up!!

  5. Beautiful look. I love the eye makeup to! Very stunning?

  6. I jus ended up on this vid again cuz I was looking for when ur Becca COLLAB came out!! I remembered watching this & I jus watched again..even tho it was jus last yr, well like 1.5 yrs seems like it’s been 4ever girlie! U prob won’t read this, but I jus wanted to let ya kno that ppl fell in love with the REAL AF, Goofey, silly hilarious Jaclyn!! It seems like now u have to censor urself in a way cuz ppl are so harsh & fuckin judge Mental! Sorry that sux! Love ya still tho girl, been a subbie for a hot ass min!???✌?????✌?✌?✌????????????

  7. She kinda sounds like joy from inside out

  8. Im looking at you here at how gorg you are and wondering why you did so much to your face…look how beautiful you are here. You have a beautiful face structure…now you look so swolen… why did you do that?

  9. What's the brush she used in the very beginning to blend out the concealer on her eyelids?

  10. I absolutely love you! Well and this video!!! Xoxo

  11. Good Lord!! I really wanted these lashes but 40 dollars!! ?

  12. What's the best way to maintain your brushes and tools ?

  13. I just found your channel and you seem like such a nice person. That sounds cheesy but I can tell by how you carry yourself that you are a genuinely kind person, especially your video with kim. I really enjoy watching how you carry yourself 🙂

  14. Seriously, I love you so much. U R A REAL ONE

  15. Hooded Eye Note: angling the liner toward the tail of your brow ONLY works if you don't have hooded eyes. If I did that my hood would completely cover the black liner.
    And THANK YOU Jaclyn for what you said about aging skin and using less product. I think you are a long way from having aging skin, because it still looks flawless, but you are also the first YT to acknowledge that once the skin starts the aging process more isn't always better.

  16. You looked so fresh and Young in this video.

  17. I'm a new watcher and I effing love you. You are fab gurl

  18. Would you recommend the Rcma powder for flash photos ?

  19. Her extras are everything ???

  20. hello what kind of fundation would you recomend for dry skin. thanks.
    I love all your videos

  21. Jaclyn I miss this background so much. It's so pretty! Love you

  22. okay okay okay ive been wondering this for months Jaclyn because i absolutely LOVE your hair color… whats the secret color hahaha gorgeous

  23. Could you make a jewelry collection video? OMG i love all your jewelries 😀

  24. Could not get that wing >.<

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