Define Your Personal Style by Asking These Questions

Hi guys! I’m baaack with another video from my favorite book of the moment, The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees. The book is basically a workshop-type system on how to build the perfect wardrobe and create the closet of your dreams, so I’m going to go through all the steps and bring you guys along on the journey! This video is is the first “step” in assessing your current closet. Asking yourself these questions will help define your personal style, so that you can set out with a clear mindset and vision for how you want your dream wardrobe to look!

  • Here’s the link to the book on amazon


  1. Love your confidence and clarity of thought ? Good work ?

  2. Can you do a house/apartment tour? I'm loving what I see and would love to see more!!!

  3. you should check out show me your mumu its totally the california style!

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