Despicable Me 2: Evil Purple Minion Nails

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share this cute Purple Minion nail art design from the Despicable Me 2 movie!

Polish used:

  • Nicole by OPI Love Song


  1. i love this video can you please do another video like this but this time different movie characters

  2. omg i missed this video and i finally saw it today and ITS adorable

  3. my sister loves these nail tutorials!!! She wants to be a purple minion for Halloween can't wait to show this 2 her ??????

  4. Im gonna be a purple minion for halloween and im gonna do this mani, i dont have black and white speckles top coat but i might do a glitter one or a normal one! Im gonna be the evil minion and my best friend is gonna be the good one and were gonna bring our minion toys!!!

  5. Who hates comercals in youtube there just the worse thing ever

  6. You should do a Easter egg design

  7. Those are cite nails I love minions

  8. can u do a horse on ur nails. I think it would be awesome. I just started watching your videos today and I love them. Are there any videos that u suggest that I watch. 😛

  9. Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love this design! I'm totally gonna try it. Thanks cutepolish 😀

  11. Is it me or is it the camera blurry?
    ? ?

  12. Me encantan tus videos ya aprendi y ahora tengo una estetica donde pinto y pongo unas

  13. I love both the yellow and purple minions and your videos are awesome ?

  14. i love all your titorials and i also sometimes try some of them you are totally my nail role model

  15. I just abosoultly love ur videos you should do your fave 10 nail designs and do them on your nail

  16. This is cute and I will definitely try this !…. Also could you do a Minnie Mouse mani ?

  17. Yes! Ilove the polka dot glitter polish.

  18. Whenever I use a lot of top coat, there a little bubbles when my nails dry. Any tips to prevent that?

  19. This is super cute! I love that it's 3d!! 🙂

  20. +cutepolish hi! I love your videos, just want to know if the eyes stays even after shower? thanks ^_^

  21. I love minions I have a teacher who would love this tutorial!


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