Despicable Me 2: Minion Nails


  1. today is my birthday can i get some 20 likes pls

  2. i love them so so so much

  3. OMG love it but if you don't have a dotting tool

  4. he is very good with nails Kings nail into what you like

  5. I Lov the minions so much I am upseted with them

  6. I don't have gray and blue color!

  7. I love ur videos and I love this video

  8. 0:35 omfg look what it says after thick blue if you have subtitles on

  9. @Naeera Anan Sneha just mix a little bit of black with white

  10. I love it and the people that don't are just haters

  11. What to coT do you use name brand ??

  12. Can you do one direction nail art?

  13. How are your nails so perfect?!?!♥

  14. You can use sliver nail polish instead

  15. I really like all of her nails there r so cute lol xoxo

  16. Can you do SpongeBob SquarePants nails

  17. Hahahahahahahahahaah!!!!!!!!!

  18. Can't you make a water marble

  19. Yay im from downunder whith the roos

  20. Anyone watching this from Australia???

  21. Can u do a video how to clean your nails tools

  22. Please make a summer nail tutorial

  23. hey guys can u recomend an easy design i can wear for my summers
    in london???

  24. +cutepolish I love your nail arts so much ☺

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