Hey guys! In today’s nail tutorial I’ll be testing out these cute and HUGE bows and pompoms that are made for your nails! The best part about these nail charms is that they are DETACHABLE 😀 They’re a lot of fun to snap on, and off, and it makes them super convenient to wear because they can be removed for hand washing, sleeping, etc. Check down below for the links on where you can find them! 🙂


Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤

CutePolish is the original nail art channel of YouTube. Sandi Crystal Ball keeps her fans on top of the hottest nail art designs, DIY nail techniques, and latest nail polish styles that are currently trending. She has been teaching them easy ways to pull-off impressive nail art looks since the beginning of 2010.

CutePolish has recently expanded to include 4 more of the internet’s top nail artists. Hannah, Juli, Minnie, and Miri have all joined Sandi to help bring new DIY nail art design videos every week.


  1. Do you know if they quit selling the pom pom ones? Or if you have the correct link to buy. I searched the site and couldn't find them and I'm dying to have the pom pom ones. ?

  2. Where are the nail pom-poms as they are not on the link listed? Xx

  3. How do you remove the magnet from your nail?

  4. I would rather use that as a ring. ??

  5. The red nails with white dots remind me of Minnie Mouse

  6. Isn't that super heavy on her nail?

  7. How do you take the metal thing of

  8. Okay you got me – I love stuff like that. But how to remove it…

  9. can you please do. a one direction inspired nail design?

  10. can we open it afterwards

  11. Could you possibly do Star Wars nail art???

  12. Hello! I'm a beginner at nail art, and I always seem to put on too many layers and get impatient. Do you have any tips on how to apply polish without streaks and not get a huge amount of polish on your nails?

  13. Cette colle à l'air tellement bien, mais je ne peux pas l'achetter depuis la France, quel dommage. Merci pour cette video trop fun

    This glue looks so good, but I can not buy it from France, what a pity. Thank you for this video too fun

  14. how do you take off the glued on magnet afterwards? 😮

  15. AMAZING SANDI U HAVE DONE IT AGAIN!??????????????????

  16. I love 1-10000000000000 r u ready for reply my commment…hope r u ready for reply…???

  17. hey cutepolish can you make a video on puting on fake nails and taking them off safely
    pretty plz

  18. Thanks for the review. How long before the hardware falls off with normal daily use (hand washing etc)?

  19. plz can u show how to make cuticle oil and cream at home

  20. is it okay to paint nails every day

  21. Can u reuse them ? Your the best, thx for showing us your awesome skills

  22. Just ordered mine. Thanks for this!

  23. u know what:) i play ur games polish blast …sandy

  24. I love all ur videos u r soo creative

  25. Cute thingy but the bow with the bling-bling would drive me cra-ha-zyy while hammering away on my pc. Mind you – it would probably detach and fall somewhere unknown…


  27. Is it just me that thinks she sounds like Kim kardashian ??

  28. +Cutepolish Awsum!!!!
    Great…Please do some nail art with glitter polishes!!

    I am very inspired by your nail art!!!
    Keep doing?

  29. AWESOME!! I love it ???

  30. Please Make A Fidget Spinner Nail Art! I Would Love To See That!

  31. These are so awesome for a special event or if you're just feeling funky!! I love it!

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