Detailed Video on How To Do Acrylic Nails for Beginners

Hi Youtube Friends!!

After hours of hard work, dedication, concentration, and six months of a tedious search for cameras, lenses, lights, and things to put my background together, I can finally say it’s completed and my first video wasn’t so bad keeping in mind I am not a professional videographer, editor, etc. I would really love to hear what you guys have to say, and if you have any suggestions please comment down below 🙂 I want to give a special thanks to Suzie and her husband from the youtube channel “Nail Career Education” for being so kind and helpful to me. Also, I want to give a special thanks to my family and close friends for always supporting me, and last but not least, all of you for the constant love and support because without you I wouldn’t be here today.



  1. Thank you Camila for this video it's so helpful. ?

  2. You are such a pretty girl. Absolutely love ur work keep it up

  3. Great video, IDK why the bitching from some people on here, like nobody can use freaking fairy lights but one person on YouTube, give me a break, and it is a nail video, exactly how else would you have filmed if not sitting at a desk? Ignore the people with nothing constructive to say, this was a great tutorial. I would say for the next one like this to move the mic closer or turn it up or however that works (I don't do YT) as I had everything on max volume and I couldn't hear all that well on the computer, it probably would have been fine if I were watching at home on the tv as I could turn it up louder. 🙂

  4. What lip gloss are you wearing? It's so pretty. It looks good on you.

  5. I was have appreciated the video more if you would have used a hand file

  6. love all ur vids? can I ask tho is a 120 grit ok on the natural nail? I was always taught to use no less than 180 on natural nail? thanks for long video ur work amazing ?

  7. Love your new set and the lengthy video. ?

  8. My biggest problem is not having enough time to play with the acrylic. I feel so rushed because I don't want it to dry up on me in a big clump, but I don't get much time to worry about thinness/thickness, the apex or anything else. Do you think this might have something to do with the products I use or could it be the liquid to powder ratio? ?

  9. You DO NOT push cuticles back not remove them. Do some internet research. You will be shocked at what's new on maintaining nails this year.

  10. Thank you for this video , very educational,

  11. Great tutorial. Love your background. Gorgeous chair back! (or is it a mirror frame?) swoons I watch both you and Suzie and others. I'm glad to see so many feel as I do which is to say stop comparing! You are great at what you do and love beautiful things! So do I! Get over it people!

  12. Hola saludos y me gustan mucho tus vídeos tu trabajo es hermoso y te admiro mucho

  13. Nice video!!! Haters r just that haters! Smh ppl are cruel!!!

  14. Camila mi amor que bello toda tu area de trabajo me encanta! ? Amo ver tus videos, tu técnica es espectacular y espero un día poder estar a ese nivel. Gracias por este video por tomarte tanto tiempo para el beneficio de nosotras. Me encantó cada detalle. Estas bella y seguirás siendo bendecida sin duda alguna. Dios te bendiga y caso omiso a las bobas odiosas ? ?

  15. Loved it and learned from it!! Thanks for this video and your work is amazing ? , it would be great if the tips you write on the video would be a different color as it blends in with the white in the back and it gets hard to read ?Other then that you are amazing at what you do!! Thank you for this video?

  16. Your hard work on this vid paid off because I really enjoyed it! Keep it up girl! Do you!

  17. Beautiful background. Lovely nails. Thank you so much for all your videos. I learn alot. God bless your talent. ???

  18. Me gusta Y no importa suzie nos inspira a todas no ay que ser egoístas te ves linda y me gustan mucho tus Vídeos adelante y gracias .

  19. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into this video. Thank you for all of the detailed explanations. It's extremely helpful so thank you 🙂

  20. Harás este vídeo en español? Gracias ?

  21. what nail drill do u use? im lookin for a new one bc mine is starting to vibrate bad and its louder than i prefer.

  22. Please don't listen to the negatives. You are very talented! Beautiful job, as always! 🙂 xoxo

  23. what's the name of your E-file? I'm trying to purchase a new file any tips?

  24. Where'd you get your tips? I can never find thin enough tips! I end up wasting time blending thick tips into my natural nail. If anyone else knows of good thin tips lmk!

  25. Great tutorial! I especially liked how you explained how to use the e-drill

  26. Yes there are lots of similarities between Suzie the Nail Career Education and her on this video and her background but she did say she was inspired and gave that credit to her. Also its more than likely that you will see it the same if you are very familiar with Suzie and you follow her channel and then came to Camilas channel. Suzie shows you so many different ways and has her own personality and makes her videos enjoyable, but also doesnt mean Camilas vidoes suck. She is growing her channel and asked for help and advice and soon you will see the differences more. With that if you are here complaining about it why are you even watching her?! i love both of them

  27. sorry, but the beginners should not use a e-file…

  28. I don't know why some people are whining, yes the background is similar, but that's it. Her technique is her own and even if that seems similar to Suzie's (to some of y'all), the fact is that nail technicians learn from other nail technicians because maybe someone is doing something better than they do and if they want to improve, they're obviously going to pick that up from another nail tech. It's not to make it their own, but more so that their work is better and improved.

  29. Thanks for sharing this video! Just wondering, do you prefer tips or forms? I've never used forms but I want to try them. Also, I think you should get a profit from the companies you use, I've bought so many of the products that you say you use!! ?

  30. Me encanto el nuevo escenario pero me gustaría que usaras los mismos ángulos que antes ya que estaban más cerca y se podía ver mejor! Eres la mejor!!! ?

  31. Your background is so regal! I love the chair ???????

  32. Is the lamp and the e-file from enailcouture?

  33. Where is the point of all of u making negative comments on her success, either she copy or not she is doing her. And I don't think Suzie from nails career would mind having someone do a similar background or not!. Stop the hAte and stop being envy ???!!.

  34. Thank you so much! This really helped me a lot ☺️ Also a few questions if you don't mind. Can you use the same sanding band on different clients or is it a one use only 😮 and also when should you encapsulate something with clear acrylic? I noticed you didn't do that so is it only when using acrylic that has glitter? ❤️

  35. Loved this video it was very helpful

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