Dewy Luminous Skin – Makeup Tutorial + Tips For Oily & Dry Skin | Jaclyn Hill

Loreal Magic Lumi Primer
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
MAC Fix Plus
Josie Maran illuminizer

Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus
Becca Opal Highlighter
Chanel Corrector
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder | Luminous Light


  1. Jaclyn PLEASE HELP ME! I'm in my mid 30's and I have a few lines under my eyes and no matter if I bake if I use my beauty blender or brush to dab and still all the powder sets in my eyes lines to the pint I cry cus I've tried everything and nothing works. Can u please help me? Idk what to do anymore?

  2. Bring back the Mac looks !

  3. 2017 and I'm still watching this video ??

  4. I know this video is old but THANK YOU!

  5. So you don't have to set your concealer?

  6. That highlight is actually a finishing powder. Not a highlight at all, that's what the hourglass STROBING powders are for

  7. Where do you get your sleeveless tops?

  8. So I'm guessing Jaclyn has dry skin?!

  9. I wish she'd said what blush she used when she went to finish her makeup in this video. It's so beautiful. Any idea on what color it is?

  10. thabk you for this vid regarding oily skin x

  11. She is always talking 500 miles per hour. LOL!

  12. Which foundation brush are you using?

  13. I have really oily skin and I still use fix plus and make it dewy , so yeah. As long as you set your parts that get oily

  14. I'm NC25 and was recommended by 2 different Giorgio Armani Foundation staff in Selfridges, that my shade is either 4.light golden or 4.5 light neutral. HELP me girls 🙁

  15. can anyone say which shade to for nc30 i am going to order online

  16. Hey Jaclyn !!!!! Omg what shade do you use in the Giorgio Armani foundation? Love you so much you rock!!!!!

  17. What great advice, I am super oily so I usually avoid glow like the plague, but I may try a couple of tricks! I am a new fan of your channel, you are super inspiring, love you!

  18. she's one of these few people who look flawless without makeup! I

  19. hi! i know you mentioned in this tutorial that to get that dewy effect we shouldnt use as much powder. just some to set the under eye concealer. but my powder contour goes on patchy if i dont set my entire face with powder and thus reducing the dewy effect. if i cream contour it starts to fade if i just set it with fix plus. hopefully youll reply or make an updated tutorial

  20. "It looks like you've been taking your vitamins" ??? Jaclyn, please do more "How to" videos! They're SERIOUSLY sooo helpful ! ??? Love youuu ?

  21. Did you go to makeup school? and if so where?

  22. I will have to try the Armani foundation. I need a dewy glow for my over 40 skin. Thank you!

  23. I bought fix plus yesterday and it is amazing!
    Just subbed this is an amazing video and the first one I watched love your style and how you explain things❤️ xxxx

  24. I love watching your older videos! Jaclyn you are so beautiful- and I just see God using you to spread light and love! I'm a 26 year old, mama of 3 little ones- and your videos are such an escape for me! I just wanted to say that your videos encourage me and bring me joy! 🙂 hugs and love!!! Xo Jaimie

  25. I'm definitely oily and I'm so happy you did a video like this!

  26. I work at MAC and I think you've mentioned that you used to as well. So you should know that fix+ is NOT a setting spray lol. Smh

  27. What setting spray is better for oily skin?

  28. still my favorite video of you ever!!!! Dewy skin is my favorite….would you consider doing a new and updated spring dewy face tutorial?

  29. your awesome. the tips are so unique.

  30. I know I'm late about this… But I bought your highlighter from Becca, it amazing I've gotten so much compliments ?

  31. my husband asked me if u breathe while you are talking???! lol i watch ur video so many times and one day asked me does she breathe while she is talking?? i just lol… yes i told him my Queen does.

  32. at the end u just said for oily skin what about dry

  33. I love love love thiiiisssss, I just bought the Loreal Lumi primer and I'm happy to know that it works!!

  34. she is my girl I am in love with scandal

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