Diamond Nail Art

A nail art design featuring a big, sparkly diamond! Today’s nail art design is a mix and match style featuring leopard print, a diamond, lots of glitter, and pink! It’s a very girly nail art style that looks absolutely stunning to wear. I broke down this nail art tutorial into easy steps for you. I hope you enjoy!

Nail polishes used:

  • Revlon Bubbly 280
  • Nicole by OPI Gumdrops
  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • Zoya Rooney
  • ORLY Liquid Vinyl
  • Formula X Top Coat

I included one of my favorite quotes about diamonds at the beginning of this video. I thought out of the thousands of people who will watch this video, maybe someone is in need of some hopeful words. I do believe that you will come out shining bright like a diamond. Try to keep your spirits up, work hard, and you will come out of your stressful time even stronger than before.


  1. Just imagine the pink being a deep, rich, blue… I should totally try this with blue!!!!!!

  2. I love putting on the top coat. SO SATISFYING

  3. is it OK if you use gray and then but glitter

  4. Your My Favorite Nail art Youtuber And I Tried This Design On You Cam Nails It was Very Fun To Make But What If You Wnat To Do The Stripes And Diamond

  5. Hey dear ,I need your help . I want to do a nail art as the symbolic of school . So,,I want to put my school's monogram design on my nail but I can't draw that's why I will print the monogram design .But the problem is how I will put that monogram design as the size of my nail ??

  6. The quote in the beginning almost made me cry!

  7. Oh my god could you be any more of a basic white bitch…

  8. do they have it at family bollar

  9. Y does it have to be quick dry topcaot


  11. hi cutepolish… do you paint your nails something different everyday?

  12. I love it when you add your topcoat

  13. Sandy I love What u said in the beginning it was so true and nice!!!

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