Dip Powder Nails Starter Kit – A Pro Review

Suzie tests the Kiara Sky Dip Powder System, and even tries Pouring as well as Dipping to compare the results.

This is not a sponsored video – Kiara Sky sent their Dip Starter Kit to Suzie so she could check it out for her viewers.


  1. My little girl is very easy to use Nelsons Long Nelsons On hur Nelsons ???the same time . beautiful person

  2. Nsi one is pretty good Susie. With lamp. X

  3. I thought this was an infomercial and the trash throwing was too much xD

  4. Hi Suzie I love to watch u doing ur nails
    It inspired me and I started doing my own nails
    I live in aruba I can't get the dip power kit I would love to know how i could get a sample of those products it would save me time
    Keep up the good work I learned a lot from u

  5. What is the activator? Or the seal protect. I heard most people call it activator as well same as seal protect . but what is that? What liquid ?

  6. Seems tedious and unnecessary

  7. Hola no hacen envios a españa de estos productos

  8. I'm not a fan of the gel polish and curing system so I switched to the dip powder system. I found that it's stronger and healthier on the natural nails.

  9. Beauty always evolves. Amazing

  10. Hello I was wondering do you prefer this or the gel in a bottle builder gel? Which one do you think would be easier for someone who has never done nails before and using with tips?

  11. Is this available in philippines? Where to bye?

  12. I tried to use this kit. .but the "BASE" Has a strong toxic chemical smell. Why??? :(((

  13. I think she should buy a waste paper basket…..

  14. Could you tell me about your other nails?  The silver/gold looking ones on your other hand….beautiful!  Hugeeee fan here!!  xoxoxo

  15. you have so much patience. I have no patience at all and I could not even last through the first nail it seemed like it took up so much time. I barely have enough patience to just regularly paint my nails, let alone do a process with this many steps lol. love the colors though and as always I love the videos.

  16. Dipping powder no need lamp to cure ,right?

  17. It will take years to put all of those stuff one by one on ur nails nail polish is better than this seriously

  18. The way she throws the stuff back

  19. How looking did that last on your nails?

  20. Where do you go to purchase the kit?

  21. Does anyone know why the #4 gel top doesn't look as nice like glossy or pretty at all when I do it. It looks better with led gel top

  22. 1:13 "I don't have the time for that shit i'm doing nails"

  23. Hello I like the way the dip work ,I just want to ask cab you use any power or

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