Dip Powder Your Nails Perfectly!


Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤

CutePolish has recently expanded to include 3 more of the internet’s top nail artists. Hannah, Juli, and Miri have all joined Sandi to help bring new DIY nail art design videos every Monday.


  1. Omg the colours are so pretty!

  2. What a coincidence that once I saw this video I went to the store the same day, saw a dip powder kit, bought it, then watched this again to make my nails great!!

  3. Isnt juli the best?!?!?! She's my fave! Love her voice, nails, hands, tips… she's fab!!!! ?

  4. You should make a video on how to make your own dip powder

  5. @cutepolish love all your videos. They are so amazing.
    I have finished your game too, would love some new levels please.

  6. Pretty nails!!! Could you possibly make a video on how to take care of your nails cause my nails look horrible and totally out of shape. Plzzz

  7. do a nail art compilation in Miri's nail or Juli 's nail….
    ……. pls pls pls

  8. this looks like so so so much fun! ????

  9. Love the color combination. Haven't tried dip powders yet but, would really like to. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  10. I just want to add some clarification… Dip powders shouldn't be compared to gel, but to acrylic. This is basically a new way to do an acrylic overlay.

  11. So you don't need a setting uv lamp to achieve these? 🙂 xo

  12. I wear gel on my nails bc it makes my nails thicker so they don’t break so easily. Will this add thickness to my nails as well to help with that also?


  14. Can you show us the sns dip powder kit too? And the asp dip kit from sallies? It'd be a cool video to have a duel between the dip powders lol

  15. You made me understand everything! Love your channel Sandy!

  16. WOW this looks amazing! I've been doing shellac on clients for years, this looks similar. I'm always looking for the next best thing to offer my clients. Question . . . How does this weigh in against Shellac ?

  17. Theres nothing better than watching yout videos while doing my nails <3

  18. Thank You Sandi!
    I need to know how to do dip powder nails perfectly and u help me Thankx for this <3

  19. Which top coat you used at last ?

  20. Actually this dip powder is supposed to be like acrylic nails that's why it has these steps and is so hard

  21. One thing I do differently that I like doing. Before you try to soak the dip mani in remover, load up on cuticle oil to help protect your skin from drying out.

  22. Great vid. I definitely want to try this. So how did you end up de-gunking the brush?

  23. i really love using dip powder because i'm terrible at painting my nails

  24. I put cuticle oil on my cuticles and then use pure acetone on cotton pads. I wait 20 min and put some pressure on the nail bed when I pull the aluminum foils off and they come off completely. If I am in a rush I do the same thing but add a warm towel (taken from the dryer) and they come off even easier.  The key to a perfect dip mani is THIN coats of the liquid.

  25. Thanks it's definitely helpful

  26. Can you guys please make a video where you show how you film, edit and do your nails perfectly for a video?

  27. Great video!!! Your nails look amazing ?❤

  28. I’ve been using the Kiara Sky kit for a while. I found that it’s easier for me to just bend my finger and touch my nail into the powder rather than dipping. The result seems the same to me, actually better in my opinion. To remove the acrylic I use my efile to take off the stuff down to the colored layer and then soak in warm acetone and it slips right off. You can put your bottle of acetone in a cup of hot water to warm it up before you use it to soak off your acrylic. Instead of using the colored powders I just use the white powder and then polish my nails. If I use white or natural then I can change my polish frequently without having to remove the acrylic just to change my mani.

  29. well, I guess I know what I want for christmas!

  30. That is how I'm going to get my nails???????????????????

  31. omg so funny I JUST got dip powder done on my nails today

  32. Wonderful information, Thanks for sharing!

  33. I want to try dip powder soooo much !!!

  34. Such a good video!! Your mani looks so good, I need to try this sometime!

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