Dipping Powder Nails – Suzie’s Step by Step Tutorial

Suzie uses the Joya Mia Dipping Powder System in this detailed step by step tutorial.

Products featured in this video:


  1. I'd love to see you review some of the cheaper amazon nail products like Mia Secret or IBD.

  2. I notice that on these dipping tutorials, u say they are only for natural nails but thats not true. They can be used with tips

  3. Is there any particular reason that the activator brush is so scraggly?

  4. I think dip powder nails are just too much trouble for a so-so end result. The janky brush that came with the step 3 bottle was annoying too! However, I still enjoyed the video as always!

  5. What a fun product!! I love all of the gorgeous colors!! Thanks Suzie!! 🙂

  6. Love your channel. I was just curious does cameraman pick all the music and does he enjoy it bc the music is always great!!

  7. I thought activator is a drying agent and # no 4 was a like top coat which is a thinner glue.

  8. i actually liked the combinations of nudes and patchworky look of the nails before they were painted. that pop of glitter looked so cool too.

  9. You keep mentioning that where you don't paint the glue, the color won't stick. Would you consider doing painterly patterns on the nails instead of just straight colors by taking advantage of that fact?

  10. I like the teal looking color. Wish you picked that one.

  11. I saw a 6-8 year old girl getting this done and I thought she seemed kinda young. Is it safe for a little girl? Would you recommend it for a child?

  12. Suzie you're so wonderful and this is so soothing also im a little drunk thanks for making nice videos

  13. Very nice!! But too many steps for me. ?

  14. I thought you weren’t supposed to file until after you applied the first coat of activator because the activator cures and hardens the base/powder. Isn’t the base/powder gummy before you put on the activator?

  15. I really wish you could do my nails. You have beautiful nails.

  16. I was having an anxiety attack before I started binge watching these. These videos are soothing for some reason. I feel sooo much calmer now. Thank you❤

  17. You know to me you see one youtuber you've seen them all, but i look forward to your new videos, thank you for sharing your time & expertise with us. 1luv ? ✌ ?

  18. Very pretty but way to thick looking on nails

  19. I have been getting the sns dip powder on my natural nails and I love it. Takes the same time as getting acrylics and I get no allergic reaction cuz there's no monomer and my nails have grown.

  20. your videos are so informative and calming, you remind me my grandma sandy.❤️❤️??

  21. Gorgeous reveal shots!! You always do an excellent job!! For me, the dipping powder systems seem like too much work; I prefer acrylic or a gel colour.

  22. Is it just me or does some of those brushes look a little weird?

  23. I am wondering if it is strong enough to support a natural growing nail or if you have to trim your nails each time you do a dip session? Also I would be very disappointed in that activator brush, how do you get good coverage with it like that? When I first saw the burgundy I wasn't impressed, it seemed so light, but when you put that glue on to do a second coat…. oh wow I love it. Thank-you so much for sharing, it is really cool to see the way the industry is growing and all the awesome new products out there. I haven't done nails since 2002 and well a lot has changed hehhe. Have a very lovely day!!!

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