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Suzie demonstrates how to double your Nail Estate by continuing your nail art design to the underside of your nails!

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  1. Do you think it would work to stamp on the clear nail and then paint the colour over the top? That way the stamp would still show through the underneath but not the top? Thanks

  2. I love that camera man talks more now! He has a very soothing voice. Beautiful nails as always. Love you guys

  3. Was the red thinner than the white? Looked like it may have been, also it looked like the red applied smoother because of it being thinner.

  4. Will you be releasing another nail acrylic kit? And Please don’t work with that racist Jeffrey Star.

  5. Who is Cameraman though?

  6. I love you and cameraman talking back & forth!

  7. How do you take off the underside when you want to change designs?? Really curious!!

  8. Suzie!! You should do nails inspired by States of America… Like Michigan had the great lakes so something watery. Texas has a cowboy feel so like rope and stars.

  9. Instead of freehanding under the nail isn't it possible to make a stamp decal? That allows you to bend it in the shape you need to since the decal is flexible without distorting the image.

  10. I love the way she puts her glasses on and when she sprays the alcohol lol

  11. Are we ever going to see what cameraman ( your husband ) looks like?

  12. You can build A VERY thin clear nail, stamp, then build the real nail after to avoid the bumpiness

  13. I've always wanted to see a nail with tiny pastel flowers drawn on the underside of the nail. I think that would look so super cute. Some encapsulated flowers would look super cute too!

  14. Can you do mine we’re can I get them I love nails ?

  15. Cameraman talked to us!!! When do we get to see cameraman??!!!

  16. I think you should do a glamping nail
    Video. Elegant rustic inspired nails in the great outdoors. With your new light.

  17. Couldn't you also apply the design on top of the clear nail, then cover in the orange and white?

  18. I bet you could stamp under the nail by using a really squishy stamper and taking it out of the base. 🙂

  19. Hey suzie they do look realllyyyyy nice ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. you should do nail art that looks like candles and then put candle wicks in your nails.

  21. I have semi long nails-i gold leafed the underside and they looked fabulous.

  22. Kinda reminds me of some of the henna and calligraphy nails you've done. Beautiful as always.

  23. These are beautiful my stepdaughter gold just did a video with the red bottom nail she said the same thing it was so fun…thanks for this so beautiful

  24. So crazy to see this because I actually painted the underside of my own nails last night and then I see your video now! I love love this look!!

  25. It looks like strawberry syrup on vanilla ice cream. The only thing that bothered me was that the white kinda looks like how my white nail polish acts when it gets goopy, and I was really wanting fix up the edge around the cuticles

  26. Beckons the camera closer
    It's free nail estate.

  27. These look beautiful. I personally don't have the patience for free hand. I'm so much of a perfectionist, that i would take way too long.

  28. The music in your videos is always so lit

  29. Am always amazed at every set of nails you do your so talented suzie??❤️

  30. ? ? ? ❤ ? ?
    Beautiful Nail Design Suzie. I Love when you come up with these Creative Ideas.
    ? R Da??COM ?%
    ? ? ?% ? ? ?
    @Nail Career Education

  31. An elegant lace and pearls design♥️♥️♥️

  32. I contend that you absolutely could stamp the underside of some nails
    If you used one of those new clear very soft gel stampers I think on some nails it would work
    I bet if someone tried they could figure out a hack to do it easily and reliably
    But I understand what she means and it would take skills but I think not be impossible

  33. Here because of Cristine!! ??❤️

  34. Your cuticles area are never neat and the side of your nails are never straight. But maybe people like it like that, when i pay for something i want total perfection. #myopinion

  35. Am I the only one that thought of Chic-fil-a when I saw the thumbnail?

  36. Is the camera guy your husband?…if so, he's so supportive and invested!

  37. So cute! Love the designs ?

  38. You should sell a online video course

  39. That design matches your shirt Suzie….???

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