Disney Inspired Nail Art Design with Gel Polish

After a recent trip to Disneyland, Suzie is inspired to create a Disney themed nail art design. She utilizes both a Brush, and Dotting tool to paint the design with Gel Polish. See which works best. This is a step by step tutorial.

0:29 Apply Bed Coat
1:08 Red Base Swoop
2:57 White Gel Dots
4:44 Creating the Black Swoop Border with a Brush
5:05 Creating the Black Swoop Border Swoop with a Dotting Tool
7:50 Clear Gel Glaze
8:26 Calligraphy Bows
9:19 Finished Nail Design Photo Reveal

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  1. Wow your hand is sooo steady! If I tried to do that red swoop, it would look like a distressed person did it XD

  2. Your daughter is just as beautiful as you are!

  3. Absolutely, love all your video I listen to you,  your voice is so calming and soothing.  !!

  4. Hello Suzie,

    I wanted to gelpolish my nails,
    But i burned the skin under my nails after have my hand in the uv lamp for just 1 minute.
    And now i'm scared to gelpolish my nails again, Any tips???


  5. your daughter is really cute 🙂

  6. questions
    what would be the best kind of gel nail polish to use?
    what would be the best light to use ?
    can you use the no cure gel nail polish?, because I don't have a light and I'm just doing my own nails for my own bennifit right now still learning.

  7. I only turn ad blocker off for a few channels. You are definitely one of them! I love your channel so much!

  8. for when you did the bows with ink did you put a top coat on after that

  9. Is there any kind of gel polish that is non allergic?  I wore acrylics for over 30 years.  I developed any allergy and can't wear them anymore.  Awhile ago I switched to gel.  I wore it 5 or 6 times and then I started getting the itching and red cuticulis again.  Any ideas.  I have my own nails and want something to help strengthen.

  10. where did you get that pen to draw that bow?

  11. Can you make a video about how to apply gel polish(the one with the synthetic brush) I know how to do acrylics but not gels

  12. How do make your nail so long?

  13. I watch your all videos and loved all videos and like the videos and this was the best in all and just not stop to making the videos make more and more and more……….

  14. You should do a collab with Minnie from nailbees! Since her nails are already pretty long, you should do some art on her nails, and she doesn't some insane freehand witchcraft on your nails

  15. could you do a review for cheap acrylics or gel polishes and gel builders from eBay?????? Please answer this time !!!!!!!!!!

  16. My daughter and I came across your channel by chance and now we're binge watching your tutorials! You're so informative and matter of fact, no messing around; I like it 🙂

  17. Amazing! can you do more Disney inspired Naildesigns? 🙂

  18. Hey Suzie, i love your vids.
    But i have a question for you, i want to gel polish my nails for that mirror stuff,
    I just put on the 1st coat and i put my hand in my UV LAMP and i couldn't let my hand in for the 2 min.
    And i burnt the skin under nails. what can i do so i won't have that again. because it really hurts 🙁

  19. Hi could you please tell me if you are using ink or gel paint to draw the bows, thank you

  20. How much do you charge for this set? Shape and all.

  21. How much do you charge for this design?

  22. another great one as always ☺☺

  23. can you jst a normal gel polish to do the dots and the black contour

  24. can you do a blind folded nail pliolsh

  25. I love this design… I don't know how I ever missed watching this video. I thought I had seen all your videos… You are awesome!!! I want to try the calligraphy pen… I'm going to Michaels to buy one today!!!

  26. do you need to wipe the sticky layer before bows?

  27. Hey suzi.so i can do the color with jell or diffrent ather polish.

  28. Hey suzi.so i can do the color with jell or diffrent polish.

  29. Hey suzi.so i can do the color with jell or diffrent polish.

  30. Hey suzi.so i can do the color with jell or diffrent polish

  31. Hey suzi.so i can do the color with jell or diffrent polish

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